Weekend Take Me Back - Snake Whistle

I have been wanting to go and share different thoughts that come to me...
Maybe they will make you laugh, I hope they do...
But, either way, I know I will enjoy writing them!

So, for the next couple weeks (or longer, depending upon how I feel!) I will be doing "Weekend Take Me Back."
I would love it if you would join me in this, it can be anything at all, that was in the past.
Past meaning yesterday or earlier...
Totally up to you!

This is just a way to share more about our personal lives...
If you do decide to "play along" I would love it if you would let me know....

So -
This week.
Mom, this is all for you!

I know when I was younger, we had Showbiz Pizza and Putt-Putt golf.
Many a party was held there!
Remember all the cool arcade prizes you could win?
When I was younger, it was like hitting the lottery!

Think about it, you would end up with all these tickets...
You counted them and then had a hey day on picking out all your "AWESOME" prizes!!!
arcade 3

Do you remember now?
From stickers to playing cards!
Tootsie Rolls to erasers!
(Looking back, why would you just use all your points for a funny shaped eraser?!)

The point of this post is to tell you about my snake whistle!
Please, Please, PLEASE tell me someone (besides my family) remembers these snake whistles!
Photo taken from: Mardi Gras Outlet

Why is this snake whistle so important?
Well, I loved these things and I would get them with my points.

Until- THAT -ONE - Time.
Last time....
(I think)
I had a snake whistle.

I can picture it.
It was our old house.
My mom was in her room putting on "her face" (aka makeup)
She was sitting at her makeup table.
I was sitting behind her on the bed.
I was blowing my snake whistle.
Over and over again.
"Noelle, stop blowing that whistle."
I kept blowing.
"Noelle, stop blowing that whistle."
Over and over, I kept blowing it.
I never said I was a sweet child...
At this point, my mom should have knocked me upside my head.
But, she told me to stop and give it to her.
Nope... Not me, that sweet child... Where was she?
Not in Noelle's house...
That was for sure...
it happened.

My mom pulled the snake whistle out of my mouth.
At that exact time, I proved I was going to show her!
I would bite that sucker down and keep it in my mouth.
Or so I thought...
Yeah, I bit it...
and mom yanked it..
RIGHT ALONG with my front tooth!

What?!Yep! You read it right!!!
She pulled it AND MY TOOTH out.

I learned at that point that I would NOT be blowing that snake whistle again.

Now, I see them and I am so tempted to buy them...
But I know that Broxton would end up with them and I would turn into my mom...
Payback, I have heard of it and now I know it is headed my way!!!!

So, care to tell me about you?!

Search & Win


  1. Did you get to put the tooth under your pillow?

  2. OMG I loved the snake whistles. AND the arcades we used to go to and play skee ball and win tickets and pick prizes. Too fun.
    Remember the red fish candy from then and the dots too. picking those dots off the paper, that was the best!

  3. Oh I had to come back LOL! What about those Mexican Jumping beans, I could sit and watch them for hours. And the Chinese finger things that locked your fingers in. LOL. I could go on and on tee hee, I am giving away my age.

  4. That is just too funny... we never got to go anywhere like that, but I did take my kids to Chuck E. Cheese to play their games and get the tickets and they always seemed to get the noisiest toys... UGH! I don't know how many of them I have "accidently" broken in my life.
    The Shewbridges of Central Florida

  5. LOL thats a good one... my favorite toy was the Chinese Finger Traps... I will have to post my story about that! Its not quiet as funny as yours but deff one of those moments you learn your lesson LOL


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