Get them THINKING K'NEX - #HolidayGiftGuide

We received a K'Nex Set for Broxton that he loves...
It is simple and fun and he plays with it daily.
It is nothing compared to the "older" K'Nex products!!!!

We just received the K'Nex Doubleshot Roller Coaster and all I can say is "WOW!"
Talk about an AWESOME gift!!!
Not only the final product... but the whole concept!

This thing is over 1,000 pieces!
Yes, you read that right!!! 1,000 pieces!
I love this! I think that this is a multi gift here!
First of all, you get the excitement of seeing the what the end result is.
Then you get the gift of the fun/adventure of putting it all together. Question is, would you want to put it together yourself, or have help? Say, a parent, your siblings or a couple friends? Once you put it all together you get yet another gift... The gift of pride of accomplishment! Finally, you get the gift of playing with it once it is all said and done!
How cool is this?!

We opened it to go ahead and put it together. I noticed that there was over 50 pages of directions... Once I told Marc, being the typical man he said "I'm not going to read the directions, I will just look at the pictures!" That was the cool part!
The book isn't full of worded directions.
It is stages of the project. So, you look at the picture to put it together. Then, as you add to it, the area you already completed is shaded and the section you are working on is in color. Talk about a great concept!!!
After thinking about it, we decided to wait on putting it together...
Talk about memories being made on building this cool gadget!!!!

Build a GIANT dueling roller coaster! Over 1,100 K'NEX pieces for the ultimate roller coaster building experience. 2 dueling coasters race through 32+ feet of twists and turns - who will make it to the bottom first? The DoubleShot Roller Coaster builds over 3.5 feet tall and includes a motorized chain lift. Color-coded, easy-to-follow building instructions are included. Go to to download instructions for a 2nd awesome coaster model. Ages 9+.

Bottom Line:
I was VERY IMPRESSED with this!!!
I see know why so many people (of all ages) love the K'Nex line!!!!
Talk about productivity!!!!

Check out the K'Nex site to see what is age appropriate for your gift giving needs!!!! You can shop by: Age, Theme, Education.
It really could not be any easier!!!!

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  1. I love K'nex! My son and I made a giant roller coaster a couple of years ago! That was so much fun!

  2. all the kids love Kinex.. santa brought the roller coaster and ferris wheel a about 7 years ago, and they still play with them. They have used a few for science projects.. one of boys had to build a rat trap car and he made it all with the kinex's.. Thanks for sharing

  3. I could totally see Mica liking this toy! He loves Legos, blocks and puzzles.


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