My Mobile Watchdog

This sounds pretty neat...
Just thought I would share.

My Mobile Watchdog

This Holiday make sure your kids’ new holiday tech devices have My Mobile Watchdog to protect them from cyber bullies and mobile predators.

My Mobile Watchdog is the easiest way to monitor and control what your children see and do on their mobile phones.

My Mobile Watchdog’s online management tools monitor inappropriate contact with a child’s mobile phone. The technology monitors a child’s inbound and outbound activity, immediately notifying parents if a child receives an unwanted or suspicious call, email, picture message or text message. Activities are logged and archived to the My Mobile Watchdog account, allowing parents to view, assess and take action on questionable contacts. Parents have access to the application management tool, giving them the ability to approve or block various applications like Facebook, Web browser, Twitter, games and the camera.

In addition to cell phone monitoring, you can restrict the times your child's phone can be used, block unwanted apps, monitor text messages (SMS) and picture messages (MMS), block harmful websites, manage their address book and more! The service is currently available on Blackberry and Android phones.

***** This is not a sponsored post, just wanted to share. *****


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