What do You Know about Fairies/Elves?

I have been reading the cutest stories about these adorable little elves/fairies and other cute creatures of the forest!!!!

I was able to review two books by Francine L. Trevens.

The first book : Elfin Tales

1 - "The Tale of A Dog Without A Tail " where elves help a dog who is different find a home and love.

2 - "Leprechaun or Can't" who proves to elves that prejudice does no one any good.

3 - "Let's Play Mischief" about a blind girl and her friendship with an invisible elf.

4 - "Who Stole the Stars?" asks a very young elf who has been moved into the city.

5 - "Elf Help" shows how a lazy elf learns the joy and rewards of doing good deeds.

The Second Book : Fairy Tales Too

1 - “How Ants Flew Without Wings” about a little girl’s birthday surprise

2- “The Spry Family of Fairies” shows a young fairy and her friend a boy gnome save her family after a flood.

3- “The Overgrown Nymph and the Shrinking Violet Sylph” has a young male grasshopper helping a young sylph to overcome fear of flying

4- “Rion the Great Grown Up Grasshopper” shows two magical friendships that last over a lifetime

5- “How a Fairy Beat a Gremlin” without striking even one blow – by rescuing a pigeon.


I think that I liked the Elfin Tales the best. Honestly, all the stories were cute in each book. Broxton sat there to listen to a couple of them, but when he realized that each page wasn't illustrated, he went off to play... But, I read them aloud to him!
It was cute, he would have to run over to see the picture of whatever story I was reading.

The best to me, from Elfin Tales, was the "Leprechaun or Can't" story!

I think it is one that is good to talk about kids not making judgement about others until they know them... since everyone wanted to judge the leprechaun before they got to know him!
Each story is a cute story about different imaginary characters, but the best part is that you can use them to relate to today's issues.

We will be sharing this with friends and reading it again!

The story I liked most from Fairy Tales Too was either one about Rion (the giant grasshopper.)
I think if I had to narrow it down, I would say "Rion the Great GrownUp Grasshopper" was the best. In this, Rion makes a somewhat hard decision to not be a daddy grasshopper, since he suffered so much because of his size... But, his good friend Asli showed him that although he was bigger, his size was a great help to those around him. Sometimes it takes an outsiders opinion to make you see things a bit more clear!

Great books and the best is there are even more you can get!!
Head on over to check out what you might want to buy to add to your library!

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