We were busy... With the Perfect Picture Hanger

I don't know about you, but I get so frustrated when I try to hang a picture and it is all weird and not straight. I get so mad and frustrated, that is why normally Marc hangs them up. Then, he can worry about fixing it to make it right....
I know, I shouldn't put it off on him, but he gets it right better than I do!

I was so excited to hear about The Perfect Picture Hanger.

It is so easy!
You just put your nail in. Then place the PPH (Perfect Picture Hanger) on the nail. It is a little plastic disc with grooves on it. You then rotate the PPH to the correct placement that works for your photo.
Watch this short video to see exactly what I mean:

We hung up a couple pictures in Broxton's room... and since it was so easy, we ended up hanging more up in the hallway. Not to mention we were in the groove of it all, we ended up hanging a few things in the boys room!
Normally, we get frustrated and give up... not this time!!!!

For less than $10, it is worth it...
You get the job done fast... right and are also motivated!!!!
Order the Perfect Picture Hanger today!

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  1. I can get frustrated trying to hang things up. These sound great!

  2. Now that's handy dandy! I usually just make someone else do the hanging. ;)

  3. I've heard these are fabulous!


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