When it comes to brands, are you loyal?

Are you a brand loyal person, or do you change it up depending on the sales that week?
For the most part, we shop based on the sales, but there are a few brands that we do not stray from.
One of those items - our pickles!
As long as I can remember, we would have certain pickles in our fridge growing up...
Mt. Olive Bread and Butter, Mt. Olive Hamburger Dill Chips and Mt. Olive Banana Peppers.
It never changed.

When I moved into my own apartment, I would buy whatever I could.
To be honest, the bread and butter (along with the banana peppers) were not items we bought that often... but, we did have dill chips or spears.

Once Broxton came along, it was a funny thing... My taste buds changed and I was loving spicing a salad up with banana peppers, or adding bread and butter pickles to a sandwich. That being said, you can open our fridge at pretty much any given time and find at least those two types in there... the dill chips/spears are not the staple these days!
One thing that never changes? The brand... Mt. Olive.

They have never disappointed, so I would never stray!
Shh, I have tried the other, but there is something about Mt. Olive!
Truthfully, I just scan the pickle section and when I see their label, I know I am in the right area. For instance, deviled eggs... You put relish in it... Well, I love the Mt. Olive brand, so why try another? We bought Mt. Olive Relish and that is what we use... From tuna salad to deviled eggs!
I was surprised to see all the different products that Mt. Olive makes.
Sure, I knew of the pickles, but I want to now try the sweet salad pickles, as well as the marinated roasted red peppers!!!

Bread and Butter Pickles.
A favorite of mine, got it from my dad. Broxton has decided that he loves them, since he steals them from his Papa! I learned that Marc also loves them, which he has now passed to his other sons... Sweet and Crunchy!!!!

A wonderful addition to any salad! Also tastes AMAZING on sandwiches!!!
Just enough zing to spice up the flavor, but not hot to be unappetizing!

Next time you are out grocery shopping, pick up a jar or two of your favorite pickles. If you have never tried Mt. Olive, give them a try... You will love them!!!!
(Hey, they have been around since 1926...)

My favorite part of the company history:
Mt. Olive Pickle Company, Inc., located at the Corner of Cucumber and Vine in Mount Olive, North Carolina....

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