Happy Veterans Day! #MurphyUSA helped me Thank Marc #CBIAS #ad

Have you ever visited a Murphy USA before?
I hate to tell you, but I hadn't...
Until this past weekend!

I had the chance to shop at Murphy USA and make a Thank You basket for Marc.
You can read all about my shopping experience (and see great pictures too!) if you just read my Google+ Story post.
I am new to Google +, so if you are on there, please feel free to add me to your circle!
As we enjoyed the afternoon riding around, Broxton decided to take a nap!
After I shopped for all the goodies...
I tried to make a cute Thank You basket for Marc.
He wasn't able to take advantage of any of the Veteran's Day benefits, so I was glad I could do this for him!
I knew that he would love a basket filled with Coke (one of the best tasting goodness on Earth!) and chocolate candy bars.
Part of the finished Thank You basket:
Marc was very surprised by the basket. I knew he would like the candy bars and all of the snacks in it... He had candy bars, coke, cookies, peanuts, beef sticks and of course, I had to add an American Flag, since it was a Thank You for your Service Basket!
He liked the wide selection... and the fact that it was a THANK YOU to him for his service.
(Once most service members return from combat, it seems many times they are no longer recognized for their service in the past.)
Broxton wanted to help daddy enjoy it, so they went to sit down and test it out!
In the bottom of the basket (hidden, so that Marc would not see it right away... Marc's FAVORITE treat of all ... MILKY WAY and TWIX!!!!)
Ha ha ha!!!
He never made it to the bottom of the basket, so he did not learn of his FINAL surprise until today!

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  1. His candy favorites are mine too! What a sweet thing to do for him!

  2. This was so sweet, and the gift basket is awesome, especially with the flag.:)

  3. That is such a sweet (pun intended) for you to do for Marc. I made sure that I called Nikolaus to tell him I was thinking of him and thank him for all he did while he was away.
    I know we are both most thankful that they came home! =)



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