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I have mentioned before how Marc is a fan of soda...
You know what that means?
We have to always keep it in the house...

When I saw the SodaStream, I knew that I wanted to test it out.
If you think about it, it really is a good investment!

Let me explain:
You purchase the Home Soda Maker and then you make your drinks yourself.
Yes, it is a big drop of money if you just look at the first time purchase.
I know that we don't normally purchase $80 worth of soda at once...
Not even for a party...
BUT- that is where it changes.

You purchase the maker and all the different varieties that you want...
Then, whenever you want to buy more soda, you just buy the syrup.
(It doesn't even use electricity!)
It really saves more than money.
It saves:
Storage: The little bottles take up WAY less space than cans or bottles.
Waste: The one bottle of syrup is less waste than all of the cans or bottles that you would throw away after drinking the soda.
Time: Instead of having to go buy soda/water all the time, just stock up on your syrup and you make less trips to the store.
Sanity: Say your kids are having a party, or you have the grand kids over... Instead of making sure you have all nine million different drinks ready for them and their friends, just have a couple different syrups for them to make and they will have so much fun making their own drinks, they won't notice if what they normally have to have is available or not.
Okay, to tell you about the SodaStream.
We were sent the maker and I had it up and going in just a couple minutes.
It says on the top to press firmly and quickly release. Repeat until you hear a loud buzz. 3 Buzzes is for an average fizz.

So, we filled up the bottle with cold water.
I connected it to the soda maker.
I pressed until it buzzed.
I added the syrup.
I slowly shook the mixture.
THEN- I enjoyed!

Want to know a secret?
I made one for Marc... He wasn't really sold on it. He said he thought he might not be able to make the change from other soda to the soda stream. I went ahead and continued to enjoy my drinks... I have tried their soda, their root beer, their energy drink...
BUT, the best to me?
The black currant pear is TO DIE FOR!
I love it. I found that I was making one daily for me to enjoy!!!
It is that good!
So, back to Marc...
He was still unsure about it...
I started thinking that it was more in his head than anything..
So, I poured his regular soda in and asked him again...
He was still unsure.
Ha! Then, I had to admit that I had poured HIS drink in, so he really could not tell the sodastream from his!!!
Point? It tastes the same!
Also, I looked at the nutritional information...
The SodaStream drinks are "better" for you, if that makes sense!

To be honest, I think I will keep buying Marc his personal drink...
But, for me... and when the boys are here, we are totally going to be using the sodastream!
I can not wait to try their Lemonade and the cream soda next!
The soda stream before I put the back on it:
With the bottle of water ready to carbonate:
Just added Ginger Ale to it:
Pouring a nice big cup of Ginger Ale.
See? Super Easy!
Super Delicious!
Super Savings!

Look HERE to see where you can purchase one today!
Personal SodaStream gift suggestions:
Gift for a college kid, someone who loves soda's, or someone with a large family!!!!

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