A Perfect Pet for Peyton

From the Dr. that brought us The 5 Love Languages... 
His first ever children's book:  A Perfect Pet for Peyton by Dr. Gary Chapman.
I have read this book a few times with Broxton and he has loved looking at all the different animals throughout it, but I have loved it for the message of the book.

In this book, 5 kids go to a Pet Emporium for a birthday party..
As they go throughout the place, you see all sorts of animals..
(The bottom of the page will tell you what to be on the lookout for.)
We see a Hummingbird in the Bird Area, a llama in the petting zoo, a green tree frog in the reptile area and so many more!    Broxton and I had a great time looking at all the animals.
We have not even gotten to the best part... 
At the end of all the touring of the Pet Emporium, we then settle down to eat and open the presents... before the pet pairing.
All the kids were excited to see what their "Perfect Pet Pal" was going to be...
That was when Mr. Chapman (the guy that owns the Pet Emporium) matched you with your pet..
He spoke about the 5 love languages...  Its the five ways people GIVE and RECEIVE love.
He said that the love languages are found naturally in some pets and if you found a pet that matched with your love language... you had a match...
He slowly made observations about the different things he noticed about the kids... and then matched them with the pet that best matched them...  It was really cute and I loved the 5 love languages being explained on a kids level... INCLUDING the pages in the back with questions you can ask your kids to see what their love language is...
I personally loved this book and would recommend everyone read it (even if you don't have kids.)

You can follow Dr. Chapman (the real one, not just the character in the story) on Twitter and Facebook.

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