Need to Reflect? How About A Minute for Me?

If you feel like your life is a constant race from here to there and having to do this and oops... we need to be there...  You need to slow it down for a minute and take "  A Minute for Me."  
I know it is easy to say, but not always easy to do... 

The good thing is that Megan McDonough has written a book to try and help you out.
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I have had the chance to read the book, A Minute for Me : Learning to Savor Sixty Seconds and I tell you... It is a nice (and much needed) break!

This book comes in at 198 pages but each page doesn't drag on and on.  You get a short story and then the minute for me reflection.  In fact, the minute for me pages are just under half a page long.    Know what that means?  More time for YOU :)

Granted, some people go on vacations to rejuvenate, but in my life.. that is just not possible!  
I can, however, take a few minutes for me.  
Be it in the morning over a cup of tea or coffee or while on your lunch break.  You can take a minute or two to read what Megan has to say and then reflect on it.  
With this book, you do not have to read it all in one day, or even a page at a time. 
Just when you need a minute for you, pick up the book and read and reflect.  

I really enjoyed the different pages and some made me think a bit more.. 
One in particular was about snoring... 

She was talking about how she was at a conference and they had to share a room.  Her roommates woke her up throughout the night to get her to stop snoring.  The story then leads to ... " I wonder how many times I've poked and prodded someone, trying to get them to stop doing something they didn't have the ability to stop."  
That made me think... Be it simple as snoring, or things more complex... It made me stop and take a minute... for me, to think and reflect.  Working on making a difference on how I see and approach things in my life.  
It is these types of stories that make me look INSIDE... and take.. a minute for me.  The reflection for that day?  Judgement.  You are supposed to notice what you judge.  why.  how.  

If you are looking for a way to reconnect with yourself, I highly recommend this book.  

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  1. Thanks Noelle, I'm glad my snoring had a positive impact!!


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