What Children Need to Learn to READ

If you read my earlier post, We have Found a Church!
I am so excited about that and also that we have decided to enroll Broxton into their school.
With that being said, I want to make sure he is on the right path.
Granted, we work on our colors, numbers, shapes and what not.. 
If you are a regular reader on here, you know that I love to read and want to pass that to Broxton.

The latest book I have had the chance to enjoy is What Children Need to Learn to Read.  
This book is full of information and Broxton has seemed pretty happy that I am reading it.

Chapter 1- Parent / Teacher Tips
Chapter 2 - A Children's Language Accomplishment Checklist (Birth to Age 6)
Chapter 3- A Reading Checklist for Parents
Chapter 4- Baby and Toddler Games
Chapter 5- Rhyming
Chapter 6- Music and Songs
Chapter 7- Letters and Their Sounds
Chapter 8- Sight Words
Chapter 9- Read Alouds, Listening and Comprehension
Chapter 10- Phonics
Chapter 11- Writing
Chapter 12 - Word Play
Chapter 13- Games!  Games! Games!
Chapter 14- Book Parties
Chapter 15- Beginning Readers Book Clubs
Chapter 16- Tongue Twisters

Now, Broxton is only three and no, he isn't reading yet...
But, we have fun with the different activities that they have mentioned in the book and I know as he gets older, we will have so much more fun having these activities to do!
I also think it is a great book to have to take to the grandparents house to do fun and educational activities with visits!!!!
I personally love knowing that I have this to work with Broxton on this summer as he prepares for preschool as well as throughout the year and summers ahead as we get ready for him to start big kid school.  

We have been enjoying the poems and rhyme section... Most made me totally remember when I was younger (as well as my baby brother) and it was fun to travel down memory lane while working with Broxton.  I will admit, I thought that rhyming and stuff was just to have fun with the little ones (I did know exposing them to a larger vocabulary was a good thing, so I wasn't totally out in left field!) ... it is so much more!!!
By working with poems and rhymes, they learn about other words, rhyming and how language flows... Ha!  I am learning as I try and teach!!!! 

We also received a CD of fun songs and rhymes:   What Children Need to Learn to Read Songs & Rhymes  We have not listened to it yet...  We no longer have a cd player at home and have not had it when we were in the car... No worries though, we will be listening to it soon!!!!

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