Salonpas Helps to Ease Pain Where and When You Need It Most

Are you in pain at all?  If so.. Keep on reading!
Have I got a couple of pain relief products to tell you about... 

I had a chance to review several products from Salonpas and Marc and I were rather impressed!  
We were sent several of their pain relief patches and also a massage foam and a spray.
I was eager to see how the patches would work, so Marc tried one out on his neck.

He said that it started off rather cool and then slowly over time it warmed up to a nice heat.  
(The "cool" of it was the fact that it was a gel patch... so that was the actual feel of the gel on skin contact.)

Marc said that yes, it did indeed provide relief and he was rather impressed...


I decided to give one to my mom and get her opinion on it... 
My mom had knee surgery a bit ago and she wakes up all throughout the night in pain, ever since the surgery...  I gave her one of the pain relief patches and she immediately said she would give it a try.
The next morning, my mom told me that was the first time she did not wake up throughout the night with her knee bothering her.  She did comment that with her getting up to go to the bathroom and then getting back in bed, she noticed that the patch did seem to come off through the night with all of her movement! 
Guess what that meant?  It meant that she headed to CVS that day and bought a box of the Salonpas Patches!  

In turn, I gave my mom a couple different boxes for her to try out for Mothers Day!  
Nothing says I love you like pain relief, right?  :)
She wasn't sure about trying the gel one, as when I tried it, I felt that it got a bit too hot for me.  
I know it is just because my skin did not agree with it, as it did not affect Marc that way.

Well, she ended up trying it and I think she likes the gel patches the most... 
All of us noticed that the gel patch is more of like a cotton type patch with the gel on it. 
(The pain relief patch she originally tried was more of like a bandage type material.)
With the gel patch, it stays on better.  She was able to have it on all night with no issues of it rolling up on the sides while she had it on her.  

The one that cracks me up the most (isn't that funny to say about a pain reliever?) is the Massage Foam.  
I was a bit curious as to what it meant when it said continue to rub in until the crackling sound stops.  
Well,  I tried some on Marc's back and it was the weirdest thing.  You spray this foam (it is ICE COLD) on your hand.  Then, you immediately rub it in the area that is needing treatment.  It sure enough starts this crackling sound and as you rub it into the skin, it fades until it stops.  I have NO CLUE how or why.. 

but it sure did!  About 5 minutes after I put it on Marc, he said the pain in his back was gone.  He then asked me to rub some on to his neck and that is slowly going away now.  
I will say that with it saying massage foam, I guess I was expecting it to be a bit more moisturizing to allow for more massage (like more oily or something) but as soon as you start rubbing it on, it is absorbed.  That would be great for those applying the foam that don't want to have to give long massages, but not so good for those that are on the receiving end that are expecting a decent back massage!  Maybe that is a great gift to give.. you are being thoughtful for their pain, but also aware that you would not have to massage for long periods of time.    If you are not one to want to massage them at all, just go grab them a can of the jet spray and let them deal with it themselves... (I tried that, but Marc wanted the massage... Ha ha.. Lucky for me, it didn't take all day!)  

Here is a brief summary from the company on the products that I mentioned: 

Salonpas Pain Relieving GEL-PATCH HOTSalonpas Pain Relieving GEL-PATCH HOT represents a medical advancement in patch therapy as it features capsaicin (0.025%) and menthol (1.25%) in a soothing cloth that is ideal for minor aches and pain relief in the shoulder, upper back and lower back. 
Capsaicin is an ingredient found in some hot peppers, including cayenne peppers, which makes the peppers spicy hot. When capsaicin is used on the skin topically, it helps relieve pain by first stimulating and then diminishing the intensity of pain signals in the body.

Salonpas Pain Relieving Jet Spray - Using a highly pressurized jet force, the Salonpas Pain Relieving Jet Spray delivers a strong cooling effect to the skin minus any greasy feeling or messy drip.
Salonpas Pain Relieving Massage Foam - Nothing beats a good massage until now. Combining the benefits of self-massage with a powerful, clean drying medicine, provides relief for even tough pain.  With active ingredients menthol (3%) and methyl salicylate (10%), the Salonpas® Pain Relieving Massage Foam is an easy-to-use topical analgesic that delivers pain relief in seconds

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FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. My husband could use some of this. He has back pain a lot.

  2. Right now at Walgreens Salonpas Gel Patch Hot, Massage Foam and Jet Spray are on sale! Discounted price = $7.99 with $3.00 Register Rewards = effective price of $4.99!

    Happy Friday!

  3. I would like to try the gel patches on my knees for the pains I get when I "overdo" it.


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