Another AWESOME Pirate Book - The Pirates Next Door

If you have a fan of pirates... 

I have a book to recommend!!!!

Remember when I told you about Broxton deciding he wanted a Pirate Book and Marc thinking he just had to have it?  Well, lucky for us... We had the chance to review the newest book from Jonny Duddle.  The latest book is The Pirates Next Door and it is just as cute as the first one we read!!!!

In The Pirates Next Door, there is a pirate family moving to town!  
They are the Jolley - Rogers and they have decided to come aboard and settle into a quiet little town while they work on fixing their boat.  Not to worry, the little girl next door decides to become friends with the little pirate boy!  Her parents are not big on their new neighbors... Not only do they have their big ol' Pirate ship right there in the way... They are a "disgrace" to the neighborhood.  That is just not the best for the neighborhood, as everyone in town makes up all these rumors about them!  

Although it is an adorable book, you can also use it to discuss a deeper meaning...

NOT to judge a book by its cover!  
You see, no one (besides the little girl) even thinks to give them a chance...
One by one, the townspeople all start to gossip... talking nasty behind their backs..
(Don't worry, it isn't deep... and it is rhyming and all, so kids will love it!)

The story and the illustrations had me laughing just as hard as Broxton and once again, Marc was enjoying each page as much as we were!  

Now, I am not going to tell you any more about the story, as it takes the fun out of it all.
But, I will tell you this..
As an adult, I thought it was cute... 

but most important of all, Broxton loved it and if reading it to him again and again brings that much excitement to this house... Marc and I will do it all day long!!!

As with the first book we read, you get a nice little surprise page in there! 
(That just makes it that much more fun to me!)

Also, I thought it was cute that with this book, the book cover jacket also has the Jolley-Rogers family tree on the reverse side!!!!

I am just ready for Jonny Duddle to release a new book!  They are just so much fun!!!!!!!!

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  1. This sounds like a wonderful book to read together.

  2. I think my granddaughter would like this! Heck! It sounds like I'm going to like it as well! :-)

    R. Oliver


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