Help Keep People Allergy Aware With @AllerMates

We have been pretty lucky so far... 

Broxton is 3 and we have not had any allergic reactions that we know of.  
You see, some of our dear friends has a 5 year old that seems to be allergic to everything under the sun.

Growing up, I never gave it much thought... 

Then, we went to Five Guys Burger and Fries... On their front door is a sign that they have peanuts in their store... Then, you open the door and they have peanuts for you to munch on while your burger is cooked.  I thought about it then and was rather impressed that they took that extra step.  Truth be told, somewhere along the way, someone probably sued... I do not know that to be a fact, but I would think it probably happened.  
Then, when our friends son was born, I became even more aware to allergies and how it impacts people...

I love when you see people taking the necessary steps to be careful...

That being said, I was surprised when I heard of AllerMates.

AllerMates are not only helpful for kids with allergies, you can also use it for fashion!!!
(No, I am not saying to use them ONLY for fashion, I am saying that they are cute and not some ugly thing that you will have to force kids to wear!)
AllerMates are little colored rubber wristbands that have 3 snaps to it.  (To adjust to the correct size on your wrist.)

They are small enough for the little wrists, but not too tiny that they will outgrown them too fast.  

The AllerMates come in several characters to work with the most common of allergies: 

P. Nutty (Peanut Allergy)
Nutso (Nut Allergy)
Professor Wheatley (Gluten / Wheat Allergy)
Pint (Milk Allergy)
Eggie (Egg Allergy)
Crabby (Shellfish Allergy)
Super-Cillin (Penicillin Allergy)
Bizzy (Insect Sting Allergy)
Dr. Strangeglove (Latex Allergy)
Drift (Pollen Allergy)
Detective Fin (Fish Allergy)
Soy Cool (Soy Allergy)
Teeni Tahini (Sesame Allergy)
Nine (Cat Allergy)

I like that they are plastic, so you can wear them all the time...
Say your kid goes to a pool party, this can stay on them and if they are allergic to dairy and have this on, it will cause a parent to look and see (yes, you should tell them before, but heaven forbid if they forget.)  

I think this is a great idea for getting your child ready for activities when you can not always be there... School, Camp, Sleepovers and more.... 
Head over to the AllerMates site to see if they have the band your little one would need.

Are there any other allergies you can think of that would make a great wrist band?

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