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I have a question... 

Is it to early to start Christmas Shopping?  I am thinking it is okay to start and I think I will... 

But first, I wanted to tell you about something...

I was on twitter and found a pretty neat website...  Have you heard of Candle Warmers
Well, I was thinking that this was a great gift idea... 

I love candles... but when I was in college, you could not have candles in your dorm.  

So, we did without.  As much as I love Glade and spraying Lysol, you know nothing compares to walking in a room that has a wonderful scent of a fresh lit candle!  Well, that is how I feel about it.  
As soon as  I was out of dorm life and on my own, we had candles all the time.
Then... Motherhood came along and I was terrified of having a candle with a baby.  
Granted, Broxton is three now, but still...  how many of you have lit candles in reach of a toddler?  That is just something bad waiting to happen.    Yes, we have candles in our place (remember, I said I LOVE the smell of candles)  but they are out of reach for Broxton.  If we do have a candle lit, he starts in about needing to blow it out... every. single. time.

That was why I was excited to look into this whole candle warmer idea....
First, we checked out the Candle Warmer Lamp.
This is just the neatest... 
You sit your candle on the base part... and then turn on the lamp.  Within a couple of minutes, you have a wonderful smell that goes through the whole house.  We were sent the Rosemary candle...  Truth be told, I would not have picked that one, just because it is a scent I am not familiar with, but I am so glad that we have it.  I love the scent and I know I will order it again.
We have our lamp in the living room and I love the scent and that I do not have to worry about a lit candle in there with Broxton on our carpet.  The best thing?  It really takes just a couple of minutes to have the smell going all through the house.  

The other item we were able to review:  
This is totally a gift for several people on my Christmas list this year.
I love it!  You just put some of the wax chunks in there and turn the switch on. We have this in our bathroom and I love how it has a soft light when we are not in there.  I have noticed that we turn this on in the morning and enjoy it all day.  (Yeah, who would have thought that you would read about enjoying the scent of a bathroom?)
This is just something that makes me so happy!  I love knowing that I can enjoy the scent of a candle.. but not have to worry about a fire.  I am serious when I say this is a great idea.  
Let me tell you again...
This would be great for someone heading off to college... Most dorms say NO CANDLES. So, this way, you can have your candle... Just not lit, but still able to enjoy it.
Second thing... I do not know many guys that have candles lit in their office, this might just be the gift to get that guy that is hard to buy for... That way their office smells nice, but no need to worry about being "that guy" with the candles burning all the time.
Finally, (and this might be the most important)  think about the older people in your life... You know how your parents or grandparents or great grandparents are getting older in life and tend to be a bit more forgetful?  Well, this might be a great idea... that way, you have one less thing to worry about.  Now, I am not saying to turn it on and leave for the weekend, but still... I just think that it might be better to have this in the kitchen than a candle burning for them to forget/knock over... 
That is just how my mind goes these days and I wanted to share...

Where would you use your candle warmer? 

You can follow Candle Warmers on Facebook and Twitter.

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.  


  1. I don't have that brand, but I definitely have that type of thing! I like to keep them in different parts of the house so when I'm walking around, I pick up the yummy scents. :)

  2. This is awesome. I work in a group home for developmentally disabled adults and we are unable to have candles. This would be the perfect solution.

  3. I love the Candle Warmer Lamp and the Plug In Fragrance Warmer! What a great idea. I always am burning candles and this would be great to make the whole house smell good:)

  4. This is a great idea! I used to light candles sometimes. Then Mica put something in a candle. I was in the same room. I just didn't notice he was messing with it. Scary!

  5. I love having a nice pleasant (not overpowering though) scent in a room when you walk in. And as a mom of three kids, I love the idea of being able to use scented candles without having to worry about the flame.
    madmegid(at) yahoo dot com

  6. I would use the candle warmer in my bedroom or living room. I love to walk into a room and smell a nice scent.

  7. These WOULD make great Christmas presents! The plug ins would look great in anyone's bathroom or kitchen.


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