Zach Rules Series From @FreeSpiritBooks : A Great Lesson To Remember

I am a big fan of Free Spirit Publishing, so I am really excited to get to share two of their newest books with you.  Free Spirit is a bit different from other Publishing Companies, they publish books that are more along the self-help route.. for parents and kids...
We have reviewed books from them before and now we get to work with their Zach Rules series.
We were sent two books and Broxton immediately wanted me to read them to him...
He calls them the "Not Fair" books.
There are two so far and they really are neat...
Read their summary below: 

 When Zach shoves his little brother to the floor, he knows he did something wrong. Even so, it’s hard to apologize. Like any seven-year-old, Zach tries to ignore the problem, but finally, with his mom’s help, he learns the four steps to apologizing: (1) say what you did; (2) tell how it made the other person feel; (3) say what you could have done instead; (4) make it up to the person. Zach Apologizes teaches children social skills using an apology strategy presented as the “four-square” apology, which is illustrated with prompts that kids will easily understand and remember.

Zach and his family go to the beach, but Zach is having a lousy day. First, he dropped his toothbrush in the toilet. Then his best friend went to someone else’s birthday party instead of joining him. But most frustrating of all, he can’t get his kite to fly! Zach kicks sand, yells angry words, and asks his dad if they can just go home now. Instead, his dad teaches him a simple, three-step approach to get a handle on frustration and find a way to enjoy himself even when things aren’t going his way: (1) name it (why are you frustrated?); (2) tame it (self-regulation exercises such as deep breathing or visualization); (3) reframe it (change your thoughts to change your feelings). Zach Gets Frustrated teaches children social skills they will easily understand and remember. The three-point strategy is presented as the three corners of a triangle and is illustrated using the corners of Zach’s kite.

I thought they were neat as far as the four square apology...
I mean, kids at this age know their shapes, so this will help them remember.. 
Also, the three point strategy, as it once again helps give them a focal point to help remember.

Broxton and I have read these and discussed what to do in these situations..
Just hope he remembers when he is presented a time to need to know what to do.

Do you have steps to help trigger a way to remember things for your kids?

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  1. We have a whole series of their well manner books. I won them off of Go Graham Go. I love the books!


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