Eat Right - Freeze Dried Fruit is YUMMY

Once again, I want to share with you another great idea for lunch idea's in my back to school bash.  Not to mention that these would be great after-school snacks... Also, it is an AWESOME way for mom or dad to refuel themselves during all the hustle and bustle of running in a million different directions ....
We received samples of Crispy Green FruitziO and Crispy Fruit for review... I though they tasted amazing and I was so excited with the wide variety of fruits to try out... I immediately jumped into the KIWI.  OMG.... Wonderful!  Broxton was a bit surprised with the taste (and truthfully, I do not know if he has ever even tried Kiwi before that time...  He had a funny look on it and gave up on that bag.)  We both tried the apricots and cantaloupe the day the package arrived...
Now, we have been eating them as snacks,but I am dying to try adding it to give a bit more flavor to cereal... and possibly want to try mixing it with yogurt or maybe even oatmeal... 
I love that it is easy to just grab a bag and go... and there is one serving of fruit per bag!  Talk about an easy way to get your daily serving amounts in!  

Crispy Green’s FruitziO snacks are made with 100% premium freeze-dried fruit slices and just a hint of pure cane sugar, combining the wholesomeness of fresh fruit with a sweet taste. With less than 100 calories per bag, FruitziO is a nutritious snack for children, health conscious parents, and busy professionals and the crunchy texture makes it fun to eat.   
Crispy Green’s Crispy Fruit snacks are easy to carry when ‘on the go’ and a delicious way to increase your family’s daily fruit intake. Each serving is only 40 calories or less making Crispy Fruit products the perfect snack choice for kids and adults alike who are seeking healthy alternatives to traditional snack foods.


What’s the difference between FruitziO and Crispy Fruit?

A: There are two key differences between FruitziO and our legacy line of Crispy Fruit:

1- Crispy Green(R) Crispy Fruit is made from fruit that are 100% fresh before drying. However, many fruits (i.e. strawberries) cannot be kept fresh for an extended period of time. In the FruitziO(R) line, we use a combination of fresh fruit and flash frozen fruit as the starting materials. In some cases, a hint of sugar is added to FruitziO to make the product taste more consistent all year round. 

2- We increased the size of the package and used a resealable pouch to reduce the need for small size packs, while keeping the calories for each bag 100 calories or less.

From Apples and Strawberries to Mangoes and Asian Pears, if you like fruit, you will be sure to find one that makes a smile creep across your face!  

Head on over and enter their giveaway on their FACEBOOK page now... (It ends July 27th)
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