Expand Their Vocabulary With Word Girl

With school coming up, I know Broxton's vocabulary is going to continue to grow.  We work on reading and talking daily, as I really want him to have a large vocabulary... but we also watch television and DVDs and it is okay with me.  I figure that as long as they are good and educational, I am not to concerned... 
Like lately... Word Girl.  Now, Broxton isn't a huge fan of the show... It is weird... Some days, he is really into watching the "superhero" and other times, he could care less... That is fine with me, as I am obviously NOT going to PUSH him to watch the television!!!!
I do like Word Girl though and I hope that as time goes on, that he continues to watch it from time to time.  

Have you ever sat there and watched an episode?  I love how they introduce new words and not only use it in a sentence, but they also define it!  
We received WORD GIRL  : THE RISE OF MISS POWER for review and I admit, I was still watching even after Broxton had left the room to go and play with his toys... 
This particular show had them talking about ENCOURAGEMENT (not to be confused with DISCOURAGED) but they also talked about being HARSH.  Word Girl did not using harsh words, but Miss Power did... yes, you can guess it... Miss Power was the bully here... Broxton and I were able to talk about not using HARSH words and not to call people names and point out their weaknesses... 

Not only did they use the word and define it, they also used it on more than one occasion.  
Repetition is great in situations like that!!!!

SYNOPSIS from Word Girl Site: 

WordGirl and her accomplice Captain Huggy Face battle against underhanded villains and bad vocabulary in this fascinating DVD. Young readers are introduced to 16 new vocabulary words that are taught in unique contexts for easy memory retention.
Step into action with the amazing WordGirl in The Rise of Miss Power DVD. The animated hero joins Captain Huggy Face in a fight against evil and bad vocabulary. When Miss Power and Colonel Giggle Cheeks come to town, its up to WordGirl to defeat her bullying and save the city. In "A World Without WordGirl", Becky's birthday celebration brings nothing but trouble. This educational DVD presents new words such as obligation, enchanted, unusual, ploy, and more! Children learn to be lovers of language alongside the magnificent and animated superhero.
  • The Rise of Miss Power
  • A World Without WordGirl

  • Number of discs: 1
  • Run time: 70 minutes
  • Production year: 2012
  • Features subtitles in English (SDH)
  • Bonus features: interactive games, video shorts, and coloring pages

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