Show Your Pride and Protect Those Boo-Boos! Sports Shield

I do not know about your house...
But around here, sometimes the ONLY thing that can make a boo-boo (or bo-bo in our house)  better is a bandage of some sort.  I have been known to sport a bandage with the latest character obsession too!  I have no shame in it and I think that at times, it just makes the day go by a little bit better as well!  Maybe there is something about it really helping make things "all better!"
Well, being as though you can get basic bandages, or the ones with cartoon characters, it was about time that they came out with fun ones for the sports lovers in our houses!!!!!!!
Sports Shield has just introduced a new line of bandages that are sure to be seen on the sidelines and benches this year!
They have them for several sports, including baseball and soccer.. but get this.. 
They also went ahead and marketed to all those cheerleaders that are there on the sides cheering them to victory!  From actual injuries, to imaginary ones... 
These sports shields will be doing their job!

Sports Shield bandages are available in two different sizes for adults and kids alike and come in eight additional designs: “Baseball,” “Basketball,” “Football,” “Soccer,” “Hockey,” “Cheerleading, “Girls Soccer” and “Fun Fashion.” They truly are The Choice of Active People! 

So, no matter if its a home game, playing on the playground or what sort of battle wound you get... 
Sport Shield is there to make it all better, in style!
Just make sure you follow them on Facebook to stay up to date on any news! 

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