Zap Away Lice With @RobiComb

Well, I certainly do not wish lice on anyone...
But, I am going to be prepared if that happens in our household! Marc and I are already prepared for the fact that Broxton will be around kids and that he might catch a bug...  as in a cold... OR LICE.  I can remember when I was younger... a kid at school had lice, so we had the letter sent home to warn the parents... You know what that meant...  That NASTY STINKY shampoo and then sitting there with that comb going through hoping that you got them all...   I hated that...   It was so awful ...   that smell... and it just lingered around like an unwanted visitor!
I tell you, I was already dreading that shampoo for Broxton.. but then I learned of the Robi Comb.
Have you heard of it?
Basically, it is a little square thing...
You place one battery in it... and you comb the DRY hair...
(Just like other lice combs, just a little at a time...)
The thing is, there is no stinky chemically shampoo!
The comb has this little pulse that when you comb through the hair quickly finds and zaps the lice!
The directions say that it has a light humming sound and when it finds lice, it stops humming while it kills it!
Are you serious?
That just sounds too good to be true. Oh.. and listen to this..
With the product I had to use as a child, it was  a one time use thing...
Well, this Robi Comb... MULTI USE!  Yep, you can just clean it and use it on the next child... Or wash and put up in case you ever need it again!  

We have been lucky to not have had to use it yet...
(Honestly hope we do not have to either.)
But, if we do... 
We are totally prepared!  From the reviews online, I am tempted to see about getting one to "donate" to Broxton's school.  Since his school is at our church, it could be there for use not only with the preschool, but also for nursery if need be on Sunday!  

Just a bit of information from their site; 
  •   Robi Comb is Safe
    As the Robi Comb does not use any toxic chemicals or oils, it is safe for children with colds, asthma, or any other respiratory conditions, who may have reactions to chemical treatments. In addition, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding can use the Robi Comb with out worrying over the possible negative effect of using a chemical shampoo, oil or gel. 

  • Robi Comb is Recommended by Healthy Child Healthy World
    Healthy Child Healthy World recommends Robi Comb as an excellent way for parents to help reduce their children’s exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. 

  • Robi Comb is Used on Dry Hair
    Being able to treat lice on dry hair eliminates the drama of lice treatment. There is: NO special gloves to wear, NO application a pesticide shampoo / gel or oil, NO worrying about exposing eyes or face to toxins, NO waiting hours for results, NO mess and NO odor. 

    Also, I wondered about the lice eggs and was happy to know that they covered that in their FAQ as well :

    What about the Nits (lice eggs)? Does Robi Comb kill them too?

    Nits are lice eggs that are glued to the hair by the lice. Robi Comb does not kill lice before they hatch, it kills lice as soon as they hatch. If lice are found, the Robi comb should be used daily to kill all newly hatched lice. This breaks the cycle, as lice do not live long enough to lay new eggs. 

    We recommend using the Robi-Comb each day for ten to twelve days while the eggs are hatching to kill the lice as they hatch. At the end of twelve days, all of the eggs should have hatched, and there will be no live lice left to lay eggs and no eggs left to hatch. We also recommend that when the child returns to school, the Robi Comb should be used for a few minutes every other day for as long as there is a problem in the classroom to detect and kill any lice which may have transferred to the child's scalp.  

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