Picture Perfect Makeup With @Skindinavia

I have a product to tell all you pretties about...
Skindinavia!  It is a Makeup Finishing Spray that celebrities use and you can too!
The Original Makeup Finishing Spray sets and holds makeup in place.  Keeps color vibrant and prevents makeup from fading for up to 16 hours.  Recommended for normal to combination skin types.  
Features and Benefits:
Fewer touchups throughout the day
Stops makeup meltdown
Holds eye shadow, foundation, blush and concealer perfectly.
Award winning

They also have a "no more shine" product too!
The description on there says "Leave your blotting papers and powder at home."  

I have to be really honest here...
I do not wear makeup.
I wear it from time to time:
As in: weddings, deaths, birthday parties, church with my parents and holidays.
I planned on wearing it when we go to church on Sunday, but I just don't.
I never have been a makeup person.
You either love me or hate me, but makeup isn't going to change that...
My mom on the other hand... does not leave the house without makeup.
She also puts it on KNOWING that she is going to be home all day...
We are night and day in that sense!!!!

I did like reading about the no more shine one!  I remember back when I worked at Diggers (the sports bar) one of my dear friends, Jen, would carry the blotting papers in her apron to touch up her face from time to time... I bet she would have loved this product!!!!
I actually gave it to my mom to let her try it out, as I haven't worn makeup in months...
But I have yet to hear her opinion on it...
I just knew that now that my friends are talking about weddings and what not, I thought it would be great to go ahead and share, versus wait on my mom... They have a bridal spray.. Says there is enough in the bottle for the whole wedding party!  Not to mention it would be great to help with shine during all the 8 million pictures!!!!!

The directions look pretty simple:
Apply your makeup.
Shake the bottle of Skindinavia.
Spray it on your face.

That is it!
You are done!

Are you a makeup person?

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. I wear makeup when I leave the house, but if it's a stay at home day, I don't even bother.

  2. I don't wear much! I tend to wear more on Sunday or if we are going out.

  3. I wear it. I guess not a lot though. My co-worker thought I didn't wear any.


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