Ride, Ride, Ride... The Dinosaur Train!

Whenever Broxton is watching Dinosaur Train, I catch myself singing their theme song... 

Marc even plays it for Broxton from time to time just to hear him sing it!!!

I know that whenever Dinosaur Train is on, he will enjoy watching a great show and I will learn about all the different species!  (I like when Dr. Scott talks and tries to explain more.)
We were recently sent the latest Dinosaur Train DVD, Big, Big, Big.

In this DVD, they have set out to go on a Big Dinosaur Week.. 
Loading up on the Dinosaur Train each day to visit a new BIG dinosaur.
Mr. Conductor told the kids about the top 5 biggest dinosaurs, so each day is a new species...

I really liked how they were talking about how one of the dinosaurs was to big to ride the dinosaur train, so they discussed NOT talking about it in front of him, as they did not want him to feel uncomfortable.

Another time, Buddy was feeling down and out, as he really wanted to be around another T-Rex, he was just feeling a bit out of sorts... (He even got to meet another dinosaur that was "adopted" and wasn't the same as his "family" as far as species!)
It was nice to see the Dinosaur Train kids.. and it was great listening to Broxton singing the songs with them!  


Buddy and the Pteranodon kids hop on the Dinosaur Train to meet some of the biggest dinosaurs around! They meet Allie Alamosaurus an enormous long-necked plant-eating sauropod; Denise Diplodocus whose neck and tail the kids mistake for a snake and a bridge; and Apollo Apatosaurus a huge long-necked long-tailed dinosaur looking for adventure. Finally they visit their old friend Arnie Argentinosaurus who has gotten too big to ride the Dinosaur Train-until Tiny and Buddy arrange for him to ride on the new flatbed car! Episodes:Remember the Alamosaurus Heck of a Neck An Apatosaurus Adventure Arnie Rides the Flat Car Ned the Quadruped One Big Dinosaur Dinosaur Poop and All Kinds of Families

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  1. I still have yet to see this show. I know my kids love it though! They talk about it.


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