Preparation Is Key - Calenders Prevent Chaos!

I am a calender person...  I used to have a million of them.. 
One would hang up, one was in my purse, one on my desk... 
You get the picture...  Then, Broxton came along and so went my calender.  
I still have one for blogging, but that is about it! 

Now that Broxton has started school, I knew that I needed at least A calender again...
Between his school events, Marc's drill stuff, Marc's work and then with me wanting to join MOPS, I needed one to figure out what and where and when..

I was so excited to have the chance to review one of the removable wall decal calenders from Wall Pops.
It arrived in a nice little roll and I was quick to place it on my wall!  I knew exactly where I wanted it to go.
It might not be the most practical for everyone, but hey... It is my house and how I want it, you know?! 
When I am on the phone, I tend to stand in one area... That is now where my calender is... It is on the tiny wall space between our living room and our bedroom!  
The calender I chose is actually a one month calender that you just fill in each month with an additional panel that is blank.  
That has worked AWESOME for me... 

If you look at my calender, I have our calender up top with Broxton's school schedule... 
Then, on the bottom, I wrote down an address in case I needed to take my vacuum to get repaired (fixed it on my own, thank you very much!)  Also wrote down show and tell dates and a reminder about Awana each week!  
I love the note area, as that has really been a help!  The wall pops also included a dry erase marker that had a peel and stick section to have it all nice and neat and not have one of us running around all crazy trying to find one when we need it (it also has an eraser on it, to wipe off when I need to!)
I have been impressed with this so far... 
So, if you are looking for a piece that POPS... or if you need to get a gift for someone you know... 
(Or, if you are like me and just really NEED a calender!)  
I suggest checking out all that wall pops has to offer!  
Also, keep in mind that not all products from WallPops are calenders, that was just what I wanted...
They have beautiful decorative pieces, head over and look now!

I am adding a couple tips that I received from WallPops, this is actually what got me in gear this year!

~ ... Tips for a Happy, Organized Academic Year ~
1.     Reestablish a good bedtime routine. 
Ease your children back into a busy schedule by gradually reintroducing a school year bedtime.  It is helpful to start this process a couple of weeks before school begins so that your children are not thrown off balance with a drastic sleeping adjustment on the first day.  The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that children ages 1 to 3 get 12 to 14 hours of sleep, children 3 to 5 years of age, 11 to 13 hours, and children five to 10 years old, 10 to 11.  This information is useful to keep in mind when reestablishing a bedtime routine.  After all, a sufficient night’s sleep will greatly improve your children’s daily activities.
2.     Create a Calendar Central
Life becomes much busier at the end of August or the start of September but that doesn’t mean it necessarily has to become more chaotic.  With extracurricular activities, deadlines, meetings, social gatherings and more, keep the family up-to-date on the swirl of upcoming events by creating a calendar center, a centralized site for all family calendars and schedules.  To ensure everyone is well-informed without overcrowding a calendar, assign each family member his or her own monthly dry erase board.  Ideal for this use, is the new WallPops by Jonathan Adler Bargello Wave Four-Piece Dry Erase Calendar set.  The calendars feature Adler’s signature groovy waves in blue, orange, green and pink with one wave color per calendar so each family member can have his or her own.  For other peppy prints, try the Links Monthly Calendar featuring white-and-green circular tie-knots over a teal background with a navy border along with the Honeycomb, a classic navy-and-white honeycomb pattern with a teal outline.  
Make the center complete with dry erase boards to leave extra notes and reminders to all.  Try the coordinating Wave Dry Erase Board in a rainbow of colors with an orange outline.  To add a touch of personalization, surprise the family with the cheerful collection of Zodiac Dry Erase Boards featuring a top, solid color to provide ample room for notes, divided by the astrological sign written in fun fonts and a festive pattern or design on the bottom of the board. 
3.     Get ahead.
Never underestimate how much planning ahead can improve each day.  Before the week begins, plan meals for each day even stocking the freezer with prepared entrées for stress-free nights; layout children’s outfits a week ahead of time to save precious morning minutes as well as any other preparations to get you ahead of the game and ease the week ahead.
Are you a calender person too?
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