Summer is Almost Over- Launder Before Storage

We wash laundry pretty much every other day...
Between Broxton's school clothes / play clothes and then Marc has work clothes and then clothes for the house... Not to mention my clothes and our towels... Laundry is often... 
A friend of mine does laundry daily... I think I blogged about her before, how she has 2 kids and a husband, but they somehow or another go through like 4 loads of laundry per day... I just do not see how anyone can go through that much laundry... But that isn't my house... 
Anyways, we like using laundry detergent that not only keeps our clothes looking  but also smelling fresh...
The thing is, we don't buy the priciest detergent (We don't buy the cheapest either, don't worry.)
Recently we were sent a couple samples of the Roux Maison, eco friendly laundry products, for review.
It is a bit of a two fold thought for me...

Review from their PR company: 
....   Roux Maison, a unique collection of eco friendly laundry products that utilize all naturally derived ingredients to produce fabric specific laundry detergent formulations.  Roux Maison laundry formulas are custom blended with 100% natural essential oils that are synthetic and preservative free.  So go ahead and toss that towel in the washer and feel good about the natural clean it endures with Roux Maison.    

Roux Maison Essential Detergent
·        Ideal for sheets, towels, and everyday laundry
·        Completely rinses out garments, never leaving any residue
·        Available in Ambrosia, Sweet Tea or Fragrance Free
·        $14.99 for 16 oz bottle and $13.75 for a set of three 1 oz bottles

Roux Maison Stain Remover
·        Treats and eliminates many different types of common and not so common organic and inorganic stains
·        Gentle on fabrics, yet powerful on stains
·        Specifically designed to work in conjunction with all Roux Maison detergents
·        Available in Fragrance Free
·        $8.99 for 8 oz bottle and $14.25 for a set of three 1 oz bottles 

My thoughts: 
I liked the smell.  I loved that you only needed a small amount to do the laundry.

I loved that they had some designed specifically for swim wear... 
Only problem, I thought it was rather expensive.  I mean, lets just look at the detergent:  
$13.75 for three 1 oz bottles... You use half a bottle per load... so you are getting 6 loads for $13.75
That is a little under $3 per load.
That, to me, is high...
I can see if I have a good amount of swimwear / beach towels to buy it to wash those items before I pack them up for the next year... but we don't.  We aren't beach people enough for that to make an impact.  Broxton will be in a new size before next year (maybe) and Marc and I each have one "swim suit".
BUT - if you are a fan of the "eco friendly" you are more than likely used to higher prices... 
So, this might not bother you..
Just so you know.. Out of the Ambrosia / Sweet Tea scent, I loved the Ambrosia the most! 

Please, let me know...
Is this something that you would spend more money on to purchase?

FTC Compliant Review Policy: The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation.


  1. Dood, no. That is not in my budget!

    It's great to have different choices though.

  2. I'm all for being environmental, but I have to make sound economic decisions for my budget too and that is just too expensive for me.

  3. We go through a lot of swim stuff from the Y.

    I've always wanted to try and make my own detergent. I thought I could use it at least for the swimming stuff and towels. Someday I will. It's not on the top of my list of to do stuff right now.


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