Pack It Away, With Packaways!

I was very intrigued when I heard about "packaways." 
Have you ever heard of them?  If not, you are going to love this!!!
Packaways are storage containers that are reusable.  But get this, they are not just any storage container!  They are collapsible!!!  You can write on them and erase when needed!  Yes!  I think it is awesome!!!!

Picture this...
You have all of our Christmas decorations packed up.  It is labeled CHRISTMAS. 
You unload and decorate... Then, you just collapse them and it takes up less room.  You decide to donate them and decide to buy Halloween decorations... Next year, you break out the boxes and pack up your Halloween decorations. Since they are "dry erase" you just erase off CHRISTMAS and then write HALLOWEEN. 

Or.... do you camp? 
(I don't so no worries there...)  Well, you can pack up what you are going to take on your trip in your packaways... then, when you get to your campsite, just unload and break it down.  When it is time to pack up the campsite and head home, you just pop your box back and you are good to go! 

Another awesome thing?  It is all one big piece, so you do not need tape! 
Yes, it is just the coolest thing! 
We have one that I was able to use for Christmas gifts.  Then, once I wrapped and the box became empty, I was able to fold it for now until I find what I wan to put in there next! 
The other box has books in there!  I am thinking that I will be putting Broxtons clothes I am keeping in one...  (Moms that keep hand me downs, this would be great, as you could store the clothes and then just change the size written when you change sizes in the box!)

The packaways come in colors like pink, blue, green and white..
They also have more than one size... so, if you are only needing a 12 gallon, you are good to go, but if you need a 21 gallon, they have you covered!

Packaways also come in Tote boxes and also ones that go under the bed! 

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  1. I like the idea of using it for camping supplies, very clever. I think it would also be handy for craft supplies.

  2. I actually just got some of these and they work great! I especially love the under the bed box! When I first opened them I thought "oy, I have to assemble them!?" but they were so simple. My ten year old finished the last few!


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