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Working in a sports bar for so many years, I have very dry eyes.   Well, I guess that is why they are so dry.  I really don't know why.  I used to wear contacts, but then I had to basically stop wearing them to work, as my eyes were so dry that it was miserable.  I actually had my eye doctor give me those artificial tears drops to try and help me...
Now, I hardly ever wear my contacts.  I normally wear them if I am going on a road trip (so I can wear my sunglasses) or if I am going out somewhere...   Other than that... glasses are 24/7.
I now also try and keep a bottle of eye drops in my purse at all times. 
We were at a going away party once and this girl needed eye drops... They were from out of town and there was no where near us to go shopping to buy any.  I gave her my bottle and told her I had more, so she could keep it... but, what if I had needed some on the way home? 
I remembered when I was younger my mom had these individual tubes that she kept in her purse..
I actually had some that I took with me to school.  Then, she never had them anymore, so I thought they must have stopped making the product. 

Now, I see they didn't!!!
Mini-Drops is the name!!!
Mini-Drops are eye drops for dry eyes that come in single usage packs.  If you look at the picture, there are 4 tubes.  You just pop one off, pop the sterilized tip off and use, then discard! 
Perfect to have in your purse... brief case, suitcase, bookbag... get what I am saying?!
That way, you can use it if you need... and have plenty for if you need to share a vial for someone else to use later!
We were sent a great package full of useful products from Optics Lab.
I was so excited for the that was what we used to carry all the time.

But then, I was totally surprised to learn of new to me products..  ( I say new to me, as my mom knew of it...)
OcuFresh Eye Wash The way most use Eye Wash is as remedy for urgent care situations. It is a fluid that can be used to safely and quickly wash harmful substances out of the eye, such as dust, irritants, or any other foreign matter that caused irritation or discomfort to the eye. No household should be without it. This is especially true, if kids are present. After all, most kids, at some point, get something lodged in their eyes. If you have OcuFresh® on hand, the particles can be quickly and painlessly flushed out of their eyes. Eye wash helps your eyes to remove air pollutants or irritants and helps relieve your eyes from discomfort or itchiness.


  • May help prevent or slow the progression of macular degeneration
  • May help reduce the risk of cataracts
  • Contains essential minerals to support ocular nutrition
  • Powerful antioxidants for healthy eye vision
  • With 50mg lutein and 10mg zeaxanthin

  • Now, one lucky winner will win a prize pack full of the products like what we received! 
    Contest for US Residents Only

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    1. I wear contact lenses and always have dry eyes. I use alot of eye drops so it would be great to try this product. arobimom at gmail dot com

    2. Love the fact this product comes individual applications...gotta protect the eyes anyway we can.. I always worry about the lint and dust that collect around the cap of eye drops when you carry them in your purse

    3. This would be great, I tend to get dry eyes!

    4. I have dry eyes. This would be great to carry in my purse. Thanks for the giveaway.

      Merry CHRISTmas.

    5. I never thought these would be useful until I started spending so much time at the computer, and my eyes get way dried out lately. These would be great!

    6. Great for my daughter who gets dry eyes.


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