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Each night we go to bed, Broxton enjoys reading a couple books.  Of course, I love this time to snuggle with him, so I am always ready to read a couple to him.  The one we have been reading lately is Are You My Friend Today by Gyo Fujikawa.  That is the one thing that I really love about being a blogger....  I love that Broxton and I get to explore all different books and we get to share them with you!!

This book was not one that I have ever heard of and to be honest, I probably would not have grabbed it at the store... but it is cute and I am glad we have it to add to our collection!!!

This book shows the difference in all sorts of kids and what all goes on for them daily...
It starts with "We Are Friends" and it shows all sorts of kids playing together... 
Some laughing, running, consoling their friends, playing catch, reading...
You name it, they are doing it.  No matter their ethnicity or gender!!!

From play dates to playing pretend, each event is filled with the emotions of childhood... 
I especially liked the page with their feelings being discussed, as Broxton and I have been talking about what all feelings friends have and although you never want to hurt someone's feelings, you also want to make sure you always THINK of their feelings, no matter good or bad!!!
They even have a page about your imaginary friend!  (loved it!)  
The best was the end...
They reminded them they would be back tomorrow... 
Since they are friend till the end!!!

What a cute book to add to your library!!!

What are you reading now??


  1. It does sound like a cute book for the little one's library!


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