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As much as I am always looking to add to our library, I am also thinking about adding to the library for him to enjoy as he gets older too.  I was offered the chance to review The Tattered Prayer Book by Ellen Bari and of course, I jumped on it.  It is a book that starts the introduction of the Holocaust for children aged 6-10.  I read it and then shared it with the 12 year old when they came to visit.  (He is the reader of the older boys and is always on a quest to learn more.)
The Tattered Prayer Book tells of a young boy that basically smuggles in a prayer book when he and his family come to the United States.  Years later, his daughter finds it and after asking questions, the father realizes that he was not only keeping his memories to himself, he was also keeping his family history FROM his family.  His daughter asking the question of the book allows him to share his families struggles and allows his heart to heal.
This book is a short read, but is also longer than most.
I love that it is hardback... and that the story is illustrated by sketches and not illustrated.
It seems to get the story across better in my opinion.

The Tattered Prayer Book  is a gentle introduction to the Holocaust for children ages 6-10. Ruthie discovers a secret about her father, while looking through a box of mementos from the ‘old country.’ As her father tells his surprising story, Ruthie learns a piece of her father’s story, a slice of Jewish history and the circumstances under which the family fled Nazi Germany.  A burnt prayer book taken in secret from a destroyed synagogue afterKristallnacht offers solace to her father as a young boy, at the most difficult time in his life. Once safely settled in America, he tries to bury the prayer book along with his painful past.  Many years later, sharing the story with Ruthie, allows father to heal and daughter to grow.

One lucky reader is going to win a copy of The Tattered Prayer Book.

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  1. Wow...Sounds like a very emotional story.

  2. This would be great for my nephews.


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