Pretzel? Cracker? What Is It?

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As I mentioned before, we love food in this house... and since being married to Marc, I have been trying more and more different foods.  (Before I was pregnant with Broxton, I was NOT a fan of Steak... I would always order chicken... Now... I love it!)
Anyways, we had the opportunity to try out the line of Pretzel Crisps and I tell you now...
It is not just a pretzel... and it is certainly not just a cracker!
It is a Pretzel Crisp and it is great...
We have used them as snacks by them selves and I have served them with sandwiches as a side item for quick lunches.
 After visiting the Pretzel Crisp Facebook Page, I have decided that I want to try more now that I can add things to them and make tasty dishes!  The picture above has tomato and mozzarella... I also saw a picture that had strawberries and feta!
Since we just bought a house ... This would be a great dish to make whenever we have a house warming party... I know all of my friends and family would love them as well and it would make for great conversation, letting others try the Pretzel Crisps!!!!

Of course, with the boys here, we had to have a taste day with photo's....
Don't let the goofy faces fool you, they ask if they have anything to try for my blog as soon as they see me :)

Roman and Marc.  I thought the Jalapeno one's would be too hot for me, so I saved them for him to try...
Surprisingly, they had a bit of kick, but nothing major... and I really enjoyed them myself!  

 Caleb is the picky eater of the group...
I figured he would not want to try them, as he literally has PLAIN everything...
(Burger - just meat and cheese... Sandwich, just meat... NOTHING else.. EVER!)
He went (and inhaled) the Buffalo Wing ones... 
Broxton had been eating them already, so he knew he loved the cinnamon ones... 
He was not about sharing, especially since there was only a couple more left... 

Bottom Line - Did everyone like them?
Will we be buying these again?
Most Definitely!!!

Pretzel Crisps come in several great flavors: 
The Deli Classics: 
Classic, Garlic Parmesean, Buffalo Wing, Everything, Sesame, Jalepeno Jack and Chipotle Cheddar.
The Modern Classics: 
Classic, Supreme, Tuscan Three Cheese and Cinnamon Toast

Holiday Indulgent:
Dark Chocolate and Peppermint or White Chocolate and Peppermint


  1. I'd like to try these, and w/the flavors you wouldn't even need dip (not that I dip pretzels or anything because that would be full of calories ;) ).


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