Main Event At Home with @WWE #BrawlinBuddies

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As you know, we are big fans of the WWE here...
The boys love it... and have passed that love on down to Broxton.

We have been to different matches and each time we go, it is a blast... Full of memories for us and many conversations about what happened that night.   I love these moments, as they will soon be too grown to go to events like this...  Between events and Monday Night Raw / Friday Night Smackdown, you know what we have? WWE figures!  Broxton has several of them.   He has received them as gifts... he has saved his money and bought them... and of course, Santa brought him the Money In Bank Ring and a couple of wrestling figures.  We saw the Brawlin' Buddies advertised on TV and Broxton has been eyeing them...
At this point, he is out of school and has already had his birthday, so all of his " I need that" items are on his "Christmas list" and we will see how that goes.. One item?  The Brawlin Buddies.
Luckily for Broxton, Christmas came early, as he was sent one for review.

What exactly is a Brawlin Buddy?
It is a stuffed figurine.  They come in the likeness of several WWE characters (such as John Cena, Randy Orton, Kofi Kingston, Rey Mysterio, Sheamus and Zach Ryder.)  They say several of the phrases that the wrestler is known for.
I think that this is a great toy for WWE fans.
It seems to hold up pretty good, as Broxton has not taken it easy on Kofi yet....
Another plus?  Although it is a wrestler that has the voice box in it, it hasn't proven to be too tough to not have seen Broxton giving Kofi a few hugs as well!

As soon as he opened it, he was excited and busting out wrestling moves!
Not sure what he is getting ready to pull out of the box.  

It's Kofi Kingston!!!!

Time to work on those moves!!!

I think Kofi is getting ready to tap out!!!!

With Broxton, I know he will get plenty of time playing with this, especially once the boys leave!
He already had to take him in the car for a little road trip action... (I even noticed he was practicing car seat safety, as he wanted to buckle Kofi up too!)
We have really enjoyed Kofi being here.
I see us buying other wrestlers for Broxton to play with, but it really isn't a necessity... mostly just something I know he will enjoy and will get more use out of!  (This would be a great gift for rowdy brothers to play with and not hurt one another as much too!)

The only drawback for me?  I wish they looked more like the actual characters.
For instance, Kofi is known for his dreadlocks.  I wish they would have added dreads to his plush figure.
Also, John Cena... his toy has brown eyes..   does he?  Nope. They are totally blue :)
So, as you see.. that is really NOT a big deal... just a little quirk of mine!

Bottom Line?
If you have a fan of the WWE, I say head on out and grab one or two now.  Your little ones will love it!!!!


  1. Quite sure you're right and my little one would love this! How cool!!

  2. I don't know about the WWE (my sons are into cars and trains) but I love how happy B looks with it, what a cutie pie!

  3. That is so awesome!! I agree that they should look more like the characters. My son is a huge wwe fan. Looks like Broxton is thoroughly enjoying himself.

  4. That's funny! I can see him getting into that.


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