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Broxton has decided that he wants to read and learn about different things.
One week, we were reading and learning about all sorts of bugs...
The next week, he was excited and wanted to learn about sharks and sea life.

I was excited to learn that we would be reviewing the book, Shimmer and Splash from Sterling Books.  This was a great read with awesome pictures!  

Shimmer and Splash Contents Include: 
Inshore Hunters

Deep Sea Hunters
Coral Reef
A Good Place To Be
Fighting Fiddlers
Waters of Wonder

Being that I am not an avid fisher or anything, this book also taught me as well.
For each section, you had a paragraph about the topic of discussion...
Then, you also had illustrations to show you each fish.
(I loved that the names of each fish was near it, as I had NO CLUE what was what without it to guide me!)
A couple of the sections also had fold out pages with even MORE illustrations!!!
Talk about making a kid scream with excitement to have a big 4 page spread with all of the fish in front of them!!!
As much as I thought I would love the section on Dolphins the most, I was actually most intrigued with the jelly fish and the coral reef!  
I had no clue that the jelly fish could have tentacles that were ten feet.
Talk about learning something new!!!
With the coral reef, I did not know they could stretch hundreds of miles long. I thought they were just smaller and grouped together sort of near each other.
I tell you, it was informative for the both of us!!!
If you have a reader that enjoys sea life...
(Or maybe you are planning a surprise beach trip... give this to them to read on the way there!)
This would be a great read... and a fun time looking at the illustrations!!!!


  1. My grandson would love to learn about the different sea animals! Looks like a great book!

  2. My daughter is fascinated by the ocean. This looks like a beautiful book I know she would enjoy.


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