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I am glad you are back to join me in another review for my Dig Into Reading.... 
We have made it a point to try and read several books a day....
Broxton has even decided that he needed his own library card, so we have been visiting the library and reading about different things too!!!
This is such a cute book!!!
The first page of the book is a dedication page... Perfect for gift giving!
I personally think this would be a great gift to give at a baby shower!

Bedtime Stories and Prayers is over 100 pages.  
Each page is beautifully illustrated.
It is full of color, but not so overwhelming to distract from reading at bedtime.  
A plus for me?  The kids are from all sorts of ethnicity.  I love that there is not just one race represented  as that is not how it is in the real world and I want Broxton to know to be friends with everyone.  

The book is composed of many stories.
The first one is Bedtime Blessings.  It is helping us get ready for the night...
Hush- Hush sunset paints the sky.  Night is falling.  Hush-a bye...
From brushing your teeth to catching fireflies...  Each page is an adventure to prepare for bedtime, all while remembering that "God makes nighttime too."

The next bedtime story is Thank You, God.
I love this story, as we talk about all that God made...
Day and night,   Moon and Sun.  Even the little blessings from above :)
Giving Thanks to God all the time is a great lesson to pass along! 

Blessings Everywhere is the third story in the book.
It obviously talks about blessings... from cute little lady bugs to your friends. 
It shares with us all the blessings around us and reminds us to be thankful!!

The last story is a great one...
God Loves You!!
It was a great book, as it tells us that no matter what...
God Loves You!!!!
Happy or Sad... Small or Tall...  God Loves You!!!!
We have really enjoyed reading this book and I love sharing God's love with Broxton.
As I said, this would make a great baby shower gift...
Or even for a birthday ... or an I love you!!!
(Some may want to grab one now and put it up for a Christmas gift!!!)


  1. I'm thinking it would be a great gift for a baptism. Especially if they are baptized as a baby.

  2. I like the books that reaffirm faith. :)


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