How Rare is It really???? What Are the Chances?

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Need a new book for your library?  Sports Illustrated for Kids has released "What are the chances?  The Wildest Plays in Sports" and it comes just in time for anyone wanting to stock up for a great Christmas gift!
I am not sure if you know it, but I am really a fan of Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints')  not only for his plays on the field, but for the person he is when he is OFF the field too!  So, imagine the surprise and delight when I opened this book and was greeted with "5,000  Passing Yards in a Season.  Only eight times has a quarterback thrown for 5,000 or more yards in an NFL season.  The New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees has done it four of those times.  No other quarterback has reached 5,000 yards in a seasons more than once."  Yep.. Pretty excited to say the least!
The contents of this book:  Rare, Really Rare, Super Rare, Almost Impossible and Never Happened.   With titles such as that, I was really pretty curious as to what this was going to cover and to say I was impressed is putting it mildly!  
This book covers basketball, baseball, football, golf and even hockey.  
I really enjoyed the bright and vibrant colored photographs on the pages to accompany the facts.  The huge numbers that tells the stats listed below is a great way to catch your eye as well!  I did like that they mixed all the different stats throughout, instead of separating it based on the sport!  If you have a sports fan on your list, this is a great book to look at getting for a great gift.  With this being a great book for any sports fan, I do wish they had made it a hard back, but being that not everyone is a hard back fan, I can see why they did not do so.  


  1. We'd like that book too. Hardback would be better (it doesn't wear so quickly) but soft will do. And I like Drew Brees too. Hubby LOVES Drew Brees because he does his part to make hubby bring home the fantasy football trophy so often. -_- And you get to keep one player from the former season when you play...hubby always keeps Brees, grr ;)

  2. I bet one of your older boys would like this. It sounds fun.


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