Smart PJ's Equals Bedtime Fun!!!!

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Oh My Goodness!   I have redeemed myself as mother of the year in our house... Well, at least when it comes time to pick out pajamas at night!   Broxton is still hit or miss when it comes to what he thinks about starting kindergarten, so I am not winning many awards there... but - he recently received the SMART PJ's for us to review and he LOVES them!   
Let me explain to you:   He puts on the smart pj's and is so very careful not to get anything at all on them... because he wants to wear them more than once!  
YES!!!   Then, as soon as laundry is done and the clothes are put away, he immediately grabs them to be his pajamas again that night!   Now, to tell you about the Smart PJ's. 
 Smart PJ's has a FREE app you download.  You can download it to your tablet or to your phone.  Then, once you are ready, you just take a picture of a set of the dots... and a bedtime story comes up for you!  
 The bedtime story has a cartoon illustration on the screen, but if you scroll down, you can read the text that is below it with the bedtime story.  
Broxton was so excited to learn that each set of dots would share another story.  It says that the pajama's / app has over 90 stories on it.  We have not heard all 90, so that is fun!  We have been doing a couple each night and he knows that it is always a big surprise as to what the story will be.
We have heard Humpty Dumpty to Princess stories  and all other types of others!    
I love that the dots have not faded...  I was worried that after one wash, it would be all messed up and would not work anymore, but so far we have had no issues.  Broxton seems to think they are really comfortable as well!  Look at my sweet baby boy!  

Marc has commented that they look so comfortable and inviting that he wished they had adult sizes.  He said it would be pretty awesome to have a set of pajama's that he could scan and have it tell him stories in that calm and soothing voice on nights when he has a hard time sleeping!  

If you are one that gives pajama's as a gift over Christmas... I say check out Smart PJ's.  You will not be disappointed!   


  1. That's so fun. I want pjs like that for me. :)

  2. I've never heard of these. There's def. a huge cool factor, and this is a great gift idea too!!


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