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For the little princess in your life, look at the latest Sofia book (that includes over 60 stickers!)  Sofia the First - The Enchanted Science Fair .  This doesn't have to be JUST for the princess either, it is a cute book that talks about their science fair and the things that they had to go through to make their project the best to win!  The Enchanted Science Fair also includes a couple of Princes as well, so that makes it a great read for everyone!  The princess moral to this story?  A true princess is always a true friend! In these days, I think the moral of this whole story is one that ALL kids need to read!  
It’s almost time for the Enchanted Science Fair, and Sofia and her classmates must pair up to work on their projects. When they discover that they need to find a magical ingredient at the top of a mountain, they compete to see who can reach the summit first -at the risk of their science projects and their friendships! Includes extra stickers for even more fun with Sofia!

If you are looking for a fun bedtime story --- check out A Goofy Fairy Tale  (It also includes over 60 stickers!)  In true Goofy fashion, Goofy is a big goof and ends up messing up a few things... He and the gang are all at Mickey's Clubhouse for Story Night but Goofy wants to use his magic to pick the story out... which ends up in all the stories being erased because he says the wrong magic words!   They head to the Land of Fairy Tales,  but it is up to Goofy to bring the stories back to their library!  Follow along on Goofy's GOOFY adventure and see what all happens.  
It’s bedtime at Mickey’s Clubhouse, and everyone is ready to share their favorite bedtime stories. Suddenly, Goofy’s new magic trick makes all the stories disappear from the Clubhouse! Professor Von Drake tells the gang that one of them must make the trip to the Land of Fairy Tales to bring back the stories. It’s up to Goofy to save the day! Based on a special movie event airing on Disney Junior in Fall 2014!


  1. I like the books that include stickers. My kids always think that's a huge bonus too.


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