"Lefty Preferred" Zebra Pens

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How is school going with your kids this year?  We have been pretty busy and it just seems to be adding more and more each day.  So, I wanted to get an planner and "try" to be organized...  I was excited when a pack of  Zebra Pens arrived.  Why?  Well ,it was a 14 pack of all different colors! Talk about organization... I could color code everything in my entries!!!!  But then, I saw it said GEL retractable and I was not thrilled... You see, gel pens and I do not work!  They smudge to easy and I get mad.  Not that I am perfect, but if I am writing something, I want it neat, not all messy and smudged!   
I opened the pack and saw that they went one step further in their packaging!  They added the little plastic balls on the end of the pen tips to not allow for leakage!   So, I quickly put them in the container I had for them.. but you know I also had to test them out...  Remember, the "gel" had me thinking negative!  
These work great!  On the packaging, it says " lefty preferred" and now I see why!  They really do dry fast!  I was able to use them with no problem and writing things in a PLANNER, you know I did not want it messy!
My only problem?  I started my "color coding" before realizing what baseball team Broxton was on!
(His team makes me want to use BLUE, but I already had that going on with his school...  So....  ha ha!!! If that is the least of my worries, I am doing great!)

I have loved having such a wide variety of colors and the fact that they don't smudge makes me happy!  I have had no issues with the ball "skipping" and causing a distraction in my writing, so I am very impressed with them!  I would say if you want to get a good teachers gift, this would make a great addition to any gift basket.   
If you have a student, this would be great to add so that they could use different colors with their notes on different subjects!   If you have a writer in the family --- or even someone who loves writing in journals,  this would be awesome!
Bottom line - be it  a stocking stuffer, a gift basket, a care package or just because...
Check out the Zebra pens, you will be happy!  


  1. Glad to hear they dry fast and don't smear. Being a lefty I understand the smearing problem. I love all the colors. I need to try these out!

  2. I like having colors too. We've had Zebra pens before and liked them too.


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