Reality Shock!!!!

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While I have never entered into one of the Ripley Odditoriums, I do think the books are neat (and a bit gross at times.)  I love seeing all the different subjects throughout the book and it is neat to see what people keep, what they do to their bodies and what all odd things are around.
We recently received the latest book, Ripley's Believe It or Not Reality Shock! and not to be outdone, it is full of all sorts of weird facts and as always, amazing photos!   I have not gone through the whole book, but I have flipped here and there... Looking at all that is in this latest edition!
Marc spotted it and had to flip through and look at all the odd listings in it as well.  I love when Broxton gets his hands on it, because since he can not read yet, he simply looks at all the weird photos and then asks me to read the paragraphs besides the ones that are most interesting to him.  
Reality Shock is over 250 pages full of photos and stories telling about all of the crazy things listed inside it.  I have really enjoyed it and it seems that I am always finding something new and totally shocking with each page turn!  This would be a great addition to have under the tree for someone this year!  This would also make a great book to send off to a college kid... talk about great conversations about what all is inside it!  
I personally enjoyed learning more about Mr. Ripley and the way some stories come full circle (he once included a man with the longest beard... and years later, they met another man with a long beard that ended up being his grandson!)  

The chapters include:
Believe It
Pop Culture
Beyond Belief
While some inclusions are odd, some are just funny!
One funny to me?  People made a snow Volkswagon Beetle and left it in a "no parking zone"  it was so lifelike that the traffic cops ended up leaving a ticket on it!  How funny is that?  
This book is sure to get "OH MY GOODNESS" and "WOW LOOK AT THAT" as you turn the pages... Aren't you curious as to what is inside it????


  1. I love those books. In fact I entered a giveaway for one, but didn't win.

    We went to one of their museums before. It was so cool.

  2. Right! They are a bit gross...and that was exactly why my two oldest boys LOVED them,lolol


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