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I am 10 years older than my baby brother.  When he was born, I thought it was one of the happiest days of my life.  I remember going to the baby showers for him and being excited to see all the cute things we were getting to welcome him home. It was like a little boy baby doll that I was going to get to play with!  I also remember going to a sibling class of sorts and getting a shirt saying I was the big sister.  Pretty cool!  One thing that has always stuck out in my mind? One of my moms friends giving me a couple little gifts for me.  I honestly don't remember what it was, but I know one thing was one of those big lollipops... and a giant chocolate chip cookie.  The thing about it?  She knew it was about the baby, but she didn't want the big sister to feel left out. 
I know that things are going to be different with having a baby in the house, but I never want Broxton to feel that he is left out.  When we found out we were pregnant, we had to tell him before we told others.  Now, we are getting a few pretty cool things for review to welcome Savannahs arrival.  While Broxton has been very good about it, I didn't want him to feel as though no attention was for him. I was excited when I was given the chance to work with Stride Rite again, something JUST FOR HIM to enjoy!!!  (Not to mention it was something he needed, Kindergarten is rough!) 

For the longest time, I would buy cheap shoes for him (since his feet are always growing) but then we learned that Stride Rite might cost just a bit more (not that much, they are actually affordable!) but they save us money in the end, as the quality holds up to a very active boy! 
We first went to visit a Stride Rite store when we noticed they had STAR WARS shoes..  He loved them and we quickly learned that they really do make good shoes!  
Now, with little Savannah on the way... and summer time being here... We decided that it was time to get a couple new pair of shoes!  If you follow me on Instagram,you have already seen the photos, but I hope you like them so much you don't mind seeing them twice!  (Feel free to head over and show some Instagram Love and like a few photos, I will wait!) 

Stride Rite Star Wars Dueling Lightsaber Sneaker:  Had I known how excited he was going to be to get these, I would have recorded this and put online for all to see.  You would have sworn he was opening a Christmas gift, or he was a girl getting a really fancy pair of heels.  He was SO EXCITED. He of course had to put them on right that second, run around the house to make sure they were super fast (they are) and when he saw that one shoe has a red light saber and the other has a blue one? Oh yeah... pretty- exciting- stuff going on!   I love that they are super easy to get on and off and if it makes him smile that big, yep.  I count that as a win! 

Stride Rite Made 2 Play Soni Sandal: The Velcro on them allow for easy on and off. The rubber grip soles let him run and play and not have mama freaking out worrying about him the whole time.  He was so excited to get a new pair of sandals.  He has flip flops, but these are safer for a very active little boy.  I actually got in trouble with him.  We went to a friends pool and he wore the flip flops... He ended up cutting the bottom of his foot and quickly had to tell me that if I had let him wear his new sandals, that would have never happened.  Lesson Learned Mama!  He had a blast playing in the sprinkler and no one had to worry about stepping on anything in the yard!  
If you are in the hunt for cute and affordable kids shoes, make sure you look at the shoes offered from Stride Rite.  They have a wide assortment (I love that they even offer wide shoes for kids, not all kids have the same shape/ size foot!)  to choose from.  They have shoes for babies and up, so I am sure you can find the perfect pair!   Make sure you follow Stride Rite on Facebook


  1. Isaak has some Spiderman shoes that are this brand. He's wore them so much that the inside soles came out.

  2. We always bought Stride Rite shoes, too. I think the one exception was a pair of Winnie the Pooh denim sneakers that he wore to play in the water.

  3. I love the Stride Rite shoes and the different styles that are so cute. I have bought this brand of shoes before for my son, and you are right they last a long time and really are well made. Not my nephew wears these brand of shoes. My sister loves them!!

  4. Don't let Logan see those cool shoes!

  5. Stride Rite has been around for such a long time. Such a great company with a great product!

  6. I have never purchased Stride Rite shoes before. My son is rough on his shoes so I will have to check them out. The shoes and sandals for your son are really cute.


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