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Having a baby girl on the way means that we will be stocking up on all sorts of things that we need to make life perfect for all of us. I will be the first to admit that with Broxton, I had to sort of learn as I went when it came to certain things...   This time around I do hope to be a bit more prepared. 
One thing I did learn was that just because I thought I knew what I wanted to do, it might not work out that way for us when it actually came down to it.  (Example, Marc knew the diapers he wanted to use, but once I tried them, I was not a fan, so we tried again until we found the ones that worked great for us!)  This time around, I am prepared to explore and learn and grow with things.  

A brand that we have knows for years is Evenflow.  I honestly did not know what all Evenflow made, I still don't, but now I do know more.  Safety products?  Yep!  Feeding accessories?  Yep!  As for feeding, they have you covered from breast feeding through toddler feeding! 
I want to highlight a few products that you may or may not be familiar with. 

Evenflo Tilty Cup:  
Originally invented by a mom who struggled with transitioning her child into a cup, the Tilty Cup features an internal angled wall that eliminates the need for an extreme head tilt while drinking – children will achieve success at first sip.
The cup will minimize messy spills during busy travel adventures, while making little ones feel independent and confident.
 If you are looking to make a cute baby shower gift (or gift to take to the hospital) why not make a goody bag full of an assortment of baby products they have requested, or of a brand you know and love? 
Disposable Nursing Pads: If you are nursing or not, I would think you would need these pads at least for a few days.  Unless leakage is no problem for you, you be the judge of that.  My favorite feature: " Embossed channels help draw milk across pad, away from nipple."  This was an item I did not think about when I had Broxton.  I had no clue what I might need, but this time around, I have these (and will be buying more soon!)  They have tape on one side to keep them safe and secure in your bra and then you just toss them when they are full and grab a new one.  

Evenflo Bottles and Nipples:   We were sent these adorable glass bottles.  I have never used glass bottles before, so I am pretty excited about this!   We also have a great amount of nipple sizes. 
Okay, I will just go ahead and admit another mistake of mine.  I had no clue that you needed different sized nipples as the baby gets older.  I would suggest going ahead and buying a few in each size to have on hand when it is time to move up to the next size. You don't have to, but I plan to do so. 

Evenflo Triple Flo: Now this is a new to me sippy cup.  My favorite feature: "The soft silicone insert with 3 different flow rates allows you to control the amount of liquid your child receives" I love that they have several different styles to choose from.  This is going to be great to have on hand when we go to transition from bottle to sippy cup. 

Evenflo has a great assortment of products to make a great gift bag.  I loved getting the assortment of products for us to check out... but I now have my eye on the Play Yard I see they offer!  Bottom line, if you are trying to figure out what a great baby gift would be, think of a name you know!  Are you familiar with the Evenflo brand?  If you aren't already, make sure you are following them:  FACEBOOK and TWITTER.


  1. Their products do look great. I always had disposable nursing pads for my pump bag.

    Then I wore bamboobies. They are made of bamboo fabric (so soft) and heart shaped. I loved them.

  2. I haven't been a new mom for MANY years, but I like reading about the new products sometimes. I'm so excited for you, Noelle!

  3. Congratulations, Noelle! When are you due? I'm having a baby girl as well. I'm due with my 4th child in September.

  4. Evenflo products are great. When I was breastfeeding, I used the nursing pads and they were a life saver. I got some at my Baby shower. I like the Bottles and nipples because they last a long time!

  5. Each boy that we had around had a different sippy cup that they preferred. I thought it was hard getting them to start drinking out of them.

  6. We are expecting a boy in October and these products will be great! I know when I had my older ones many of the great things available today were not available back then.

  7. Evenflo really has some great products. I have used them for years.


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