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When looking for a great baby gift, there are many ways you can go about doing it.  You can look at what they registered for, you can just get what you want or you can go to Hallmark and you can purchase the most adorable and loving baby gifts around!   When I was younger, I was a frequent Hallmark shopper, you know, back in the days of hanging out at the mall on the weekend.  Now, the mall days are few and far between, but being pregnant and stepping into a Hallmark brought all those mushy feelings up!  Have you seen the assortment of baby gifts
Getting to work with Hallmark is always wonderful and when I was sent a few things from their baby gifts line, I was so excited.  I am not sure who was more excited about the Noah's Ark Ceramic Bank, but Broxton and I both thought it was pretty neat. It is pretty heavy, which means you don't have to worry about it breaking apart super easy.  I love that instead of it being painted, it was left to be gender neutral!  (It could have been painted and taken on more girl/ boy look or been to animated and left to have been a bit "babyish" versus the way it is now, where it can go along with them for years to come!) 
The fact that they made it to make sounds when money is put in there?  Yep, just going above and beyond being a typical bank!  You can buy this for $29.95, so I think this is a very affordable gift. 
If you know me, you know that I love photographs!   Yes, I absolutely do, so when I was sent this cute little frame, I knew it was soon going to be hanging in her room, with one of the first pictures we take of her!   True enough, life is a miracle, so you can't argue with a baby picture frame that says " This is what a Miracle looks like."  I love that it is a white frame, but that the letters in Miracle are of different colors, so again, it can go in a boy or a girl room.  This frame is $16.95, so again.. affordable and in a great price range! 
As I said, there are so many other things they carry that I would love to have!  
Now on my wish list?  The
peek-a-boo owl  (her room is an owl theme) and the mother and baby figurine are just a couple more products I love!
Do you have a Hallmark near you?  Do you shop there often? If not, head in and see what all they carry. You would be surprised, it is SO MUCH MORE than just cards!  They also have several great gift idea's for Fathers Day!  We had to check it all out when we were there the other day!

Make sure to come back soon, I have a Hallmark giveaway for you! 


  1. I love shopping at Hallmark, and especially at Christmas time. They have such cute baby items and gifts for people of all ages. I need to get a nice baby gift for my sister. I need to stop in and look at all the new items they have.

  2. Have gotten many of their keepsake ornaments and they just having something for any occasions. Love Hallmark from their cards to their gifts

  3. I love Hallmark. they always have such wonderful things! I love their Christmas ornaments.

  4. I do like their products. My mom buys the boy's ornaments every year for Christmas.

  5. It's great you have some keepsakes! Do you know what you are going to do with Savannah's nursery?


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