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Summertime normally means family vacations (or staycations) fun and all sorts of "non-school" events if you have a child or are a teacher.   We had plans to go and do, until we were surprised with the news of our little girl headed this way.  Needless to say, summer plans changed and instead of planning trips to go and do things, we were planning on getting a nursery ready and working on a budget.  One budget we needed to focus on?  Our cell phone plans!  I don't know about you, but there are so many out there, it is hard to choose!  You first have to figure out the provider you want, then you need to figure out the phone and then the main thing is what plan is going to work in your budget.  For us, we wanted the Lowest Priced Unlimited Plans.  (Hey, we are here to save, right?!) 
A friend of mine mentioned getting her daughters cell phone bill and she almost had a heart attack, the bill was over $900.  The daughter had gone through a TON of DATA.  Lucky for us, our local Wal-mart offers the Walmart Family Mobile plan, so we are giving it a go.
It was actually pretty simple.  I went to our local store and found the phone that would be perfect for what I needed it for.  (For us, that was the ZTE ZMAX)  It was a little bit bigger than the phone we currently have, but it is smaller than our mini tablet, so it would be perfect to use for talking on the phone, sending messages and of course doing things online.  Let's be honest here, what did we do before cell phones?  I have no clue how I functioned some days without the internet so easily accessible!  When purchasing the phone, I had to also purchase a starter kit.  (That had the SIM card in there that I would need to have my phone work.)  After that, I told the associate that I wanted to try the plan offered at $29.88 a month.  That offers me  Unlimited Talk, Text & Data service plan which includes up to 1G of 4G LTE data.  I did make it a point to ask the guy over the phone for 100 % assurance that the bill was going to be $29.88 plus taxes and that I would not be surprised with a bill of like $100 at the end of the month.  He said yes, I was correct, so I also asked the lady that sold me my phone.  So many times you can get taken advantage of, so I wanted to be sure. With the Family Plan, you get your bill at the end of the month, so I wanted to be certain.  I don't have time (or patience) to be dealing with arguing about a cell phone bill for data usage. 
ZTE ZMAX Phone from Walmart Family Mobile

As I said, it was easy.  I went in, told them the phone I wanted, the plan I wanted and bought the starter kit.  You can buy it all and then go home to set it up, but I wanted to make sure it was done right, so they even set the phone up for me at that time... IN THE STORE!  I can pay the bill over the phone or go into a store and pay it, many easy options.
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With the new ZTE ZMAX phone, it was very easy to download the apps that you use most.  For us, it was the news (and of course that meant sports too!)  Another big one? Instagram!  You have got to be able to share and see what is going on in social media.  This phone is so easy to use that our 6 year old had to go on there and check out all the photos that were posted of him.  He might have been looking for ones with him showing his love for LEGO Bricks....  There are just a "few" on there.  
Since we have a baby on the way, we needed to know that we could not only send photos to one another, but we had to know that the camera was pretty good and that it would be easy to use, especially to snap photos of a newborn!  Here he was being silly, trying me with those "puppy dog eyes" to see if he could watch tv a bit longer. 

Now that we have the data issue established on our new Walmart plan, we can focus on other things. 
Up first?  Diapers for the little one.  If you have kids, or are familiar with babies, you know good and well that they go through some diapers!  Since she will be here soon enough, I figured it was a great time to stock up!  (Didn't hurt that I could go and grab them from Walmart after I bought my phone!) 
While summer travel might be put on hold, with us saving money to spend elsewhere, we can still focus on a few fun activities for us to enjoy before we have a baby with us.  Some days leave us all a bit more tired than others, but at the end of the day, it is the memories we are making, right? 
Question - What would you do if you were able to save money by getting on the Walmart Family Mobile Plan?  Go on a weekend vacation?  Go out to a fancy dinner?  Maybe take the kids somewhere fun for the day?  Send them to camp?  The next question is this - if you could save money by switching, what are you waiting for? 


  1. Make sure you use coupons whenever you buy diapers. There are so many of them.

  2. I've gotten 3 emails from Huggies in the last 2 weeks to blog about them with a picture of my baby and I. I've said I'm not interested the first time, and they keep emailing me.


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