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If you are looking for an awesome diaper bag, for you or someone else, you need to look at the Skip Hop Forma Diaper Bag!  With Broxton, I had a few different ones, but this one is just the "mack daddy" of them all, as my dad would say.  Here we are in 2015 and he LOVES using that phrase- STILL. 
So, let me tell you about this bad boy! 
I was sent the black one ( black goes with EVERYTHING, if you are one to try and match your diaper bag with your clothing or what not) and I love that the interior gives you a spark of color!  
First up, besides the bag just looking awesome, it actually comes with 2 storage cubes for the front pocket.  You can use the one bag with the mesh cover to pack a change of clothing.  The other bag (with the white / black pattern) is an insulated bottle carrier!  Both of these cubes have an easy to grab handle on the top of them, great for grabbing them out of their pocket up front. 
Next up, you get awesomely huge side pockets!  They are large enough to fit most any size bottle, but get this.. they are also insulated!  

See the beautiful inside color?  It also seems easy to wipe and I love that there is a good sized pocket on the back.  It comes with a changing pad and it says that you can fit a tablet or laptop (up to 15") in that compartment.  I know you can't see them, but there are also 2 more smaller pockets on the inside, great for storing what other odds and ends you might need. 
Final selling point on this bag being amazing to me?  The back straps!  It isn't you normal over the shoulder (or handbag) type diaper bag.  Remember, this is a backpack!  It also has stroller straps on there to allows for you to carry it what ever way is most convenient for you!!!
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  1. This looks like a great diaper bag. I like the 2 storage cubes this has, might be good to store smaller stuff so they are easier to find.

  2. I love the quilting on it, and the interior blue is really pretty.

  3. This diaper bag is roomy and nice to have because with all the stuff that a mother has to carry having it as a backpack frees up the hands. Also the interior is so pretty!

  4. That is neat! I'd love that to!

    You should see what my sister carries around with Edison and Emerson. Oh my goodness it's a lot! Emerson has to be tube fed, so all that stuff. Then they are both cloth diapered.

  5. I had a backpack style one to. I really loved it. My arms always had my baby, or purse it in. I could just see the diaperbag falling off my shoulder, and hitting the baby in the head. To me backpack style ones are just way more practical.

  6. One of the things I love is that it has a changing pad in it. That's a must in my book.


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