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You are headed to visit a friends house and you have your newborn with you, where do you lay the baby down?  You know they don't want to stay in the car seat / carrier the whole time, so what do you do??  I honestly don't know what I did with Broxton (besides hold him the whole time.)  Now, I have a perfect solution!   We were sent the EquiptBaby bassinet for review and I think it is pretty awesome!  
If you look at the very top photo and then the one above, you see just how small it folds up.  It actually reminds me of the size of a car window shade I had years ago.  They fold up nice and flat to take up hardly no room.  Then, you just take the elastic band from around it (keeping it folded up nice and snug) and it pops up like a little pop up tent!  
The EquiptBaby bassinet opens up to allow you to slide the baby mat into the bottom for extra cushioning.  Then, you can just place the baby in there and you are good to go.  No need to worry about packing a big bulky blanket or anything like that.  Do you notice the mesh surrounding it?  Yep!  That means you can even take the baby outside and place them in the bassinet, no longer having to worry about if they get bitten by any mosquitos or anything.  I know in South Georgia, we have lots of Gnats, now when we go to visit family, we can use this and no longer have to swat those bugs away the whole time!  It even says that the material on the bassinet has an SPF of 50, so you don't have to worry about those harmful rays!   (Please note that you can also roll the end up, to allow for you to have it propped open when you want.) 
If you still aren't sold as to how easy it is to put together / fold to put up, please watch the video below:

If you are looking for a great baby gift (or one for yourself) make sure you check out the ease and durability of the EquiptBaby bassinet.  I know I can't wait to use ours!   You can follow EquiptBaby on Facebook and Twitter.


  1. That is so neat. Now you can go anywhere, and not worry about where to put Savannah down.

  2. This is a must product to take and it is so easy to use and the bassinet just pops open and I can have a nice place to put baby wherever I go!


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