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How fast is time flying????  Pretty fast!  Did you realize it is almost Fathers Day? Yep, it is just right around the corner.  I love how fast time flies at times, but other times, I just wish it would slow down a little!   Have you decided what to get the Dads in your life?  If you are still up in the air, let me give you a suggestion... Or if you are a daddy, you might want to forward along this post as a hint to what would be a great idea for you. 
A cooler!  Not just any cooler, but a K2 cooler, straight from Louisiana!  I don't know about the men in your life, but the ones in my life love coolers as much as they love cars... and that says A-L-O-T!!!!    My dad has I don't know how many coolers, to the point that my mom says we are no longer allowed to give him a cooler for any reason and she would prefer if he didn't buy anymore as well.   Now, it appears that my husband is following along the footsteps of finding "the perfect cooler." 
I know there are lots of brands out there  and they go all over as for price range, but you have to have one that really works.  What is the point in saving money in a cheap cooler if you have to fork out a ton of money for ice??  Think about it!

Marc had a certain cooler that he used for work, he would have to ice things down as soon as he got to work and by the time he was off of work, all of the ice had melted and he had to dump the water and start over... Not any more!   Since getting the K2 cooler (talk about scoring big on Fathers Day gift)  he has been so happy with the results of it!  

When the cooler arrived, it said to place ice in there so it could start to cool down before adding food / drinks to it.  We did that, then when he headed off to work, he added what he was taking and then added ice.  He hasn't had to dump water out of it over and over again, the ice stays frozen!  

The things that I have noticed as being different (to me) with the K2 cooler are small, but awesome and make them stand out more. 
One - the cooler doesn't have a hard handle like most, but instead has a soft strap.

Two- the cooler closes with big plastic stretchy clasps, it is said that it pulls down the lid for a tighter fit. 
Three - you can customize it to fit what you are looking for with several different accessories (you can get a seat for it, a bottle opener, a dividing tray or even a tray to store food on top of the ice! ) 

As I said, this is so much more than " just a cooler."
This would be a great gift idea for those that like to go camping, fishing, hunting, travel, and even out to the pool.  Your things stay cold, ice stays frozen and you can enjoy your time, instead of making runs to get more ice all the time!   (Let's not forget football season is SLOWLY getting closer... talk about a great cooler to tailgate! )  They have different sizes sure to make everyone on your list happy! 

Make sure to follow K2 coolers on Facebook.  (Their Instagram has a daily photo sure to make you smile!)  Let me know... are you into coolers as much as we are around here? 


  1. That looks handy! You can never have too many coolers around. I store stuff in them when we're not using them.

  2. I have to keep this in mind, as this is the most fantastic cooler!!! It would be a good gift, too!


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