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There is no secret that I am thinking of trying the "cloth diaper" route this time around.  To be honest, it seemed to be really difficult and if you ask any of my family, they will tell you it is a pain and not to do it.  The truth is that they are thinking of the " old school " way with the plain white diapers with the big safety pins.  You know, the kind that was used when I was a baby.  Yes, I realize I am dating myself now, but I needed to explain what they were thinking. 
Cloth diapering has changed so very much since those long ago days.  Now you can get diapers that snap or that Velcro.  You can get diapers that have inserts you place in there, or inserts you snap inside.  You can choose between solid colored diapers or prints on them. Did you know that you can buy diapers that go from like 8-35 pounds? ONE DIAPER that you can use basically throughout the whole diapering process!!!! 

Once I started doing my research, I realized that there is SO MUCH to learn, but if you have a friend that cloth diapers, they are more than likely going to be thrilled to help explain things to you!  Besides that, there are so many websites to go and read on.  I even attended an event that had people there explaining the different styles /types /brands.  Talk about informative!  If you have any desire to cloth diaper (or if you are totally clueless about it) I highly recommend you doing a bit of research and you will probably change your mind! 
As I mentioned, there are all sorts of styles / brands out there. Everyone I have talked to says that you need to try a couple different ones until you find the one that works for you.  I think the Buttons Cloth Diaper looks pretty easy and self explanatory.  (If you need more information, just click on the HOW TO USE BUTTONS link to read more about it.)
Don't quote me on the language, but this is the easiest way for me to explain it.  Believe me, I have done my fair share of trying to explain how easy this really seems.
Basically, I have the Buttons Diaper "cover"  then, you purchase the "inserts" to go inside it.  Once the baby goes potty, you just SNAP out the insert and then SNAP in a new one.  (You can use the same cover as long as they didn't mess it up.)  Pretty easy, in my opinion.  You have different sized inserts to use (and also night versus day)  you just snap and go.  When they are soiled, you put it in the wet bag (laundry bag) and then when you are ready, just wash them and go!  Buttons even give you a link to how you can best
care for your diapers for maximum usage of them. 
If you are still unsure if cloth diapers are right for you, just click on over to read the benefits of cloth on their website.  As I said, I am going to try it out.  That doesn't mean I for sure will or won't, but I will not know if I like it unless I try it. The fact that it eliminates waste and saves money is a pretty awesome deal.  Also, from the large amount of people I have spoken with, Cloth Diapers are great at keeping a good percentage of their value in resale!   Nothing wrong with that!   Since I am wanting to give it a try, I do wish I had started with Broxton, they say you can stock up and use them from kid to kid!  
Did you (or do you) cloth diaper?  
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  1. We did with Hunter and Andrew. I think it has its advantages and disadvantages. I would say the best time to cloth diaper is as a newborn. I know you're changing diapers the most then, but their poo isn't so bad when they're teeny tiny. The bigger they get, the worse it gets to clean #2's.

  2. I have never used a cloth diaper before. I love the colors and the print on this diaper cover.

  3. If I had a baby today I think I'd go with cloth diapers. They are so much better on their little bodies. They potty train earlier because they can feel when they are wet. Cloth diapers are cute. Testicular cancer rates have gone way up since the BOOM of disposable diapers.

  4. I used cloth diapers and really liked them, but I did not have any fancy ones like this. My sister is using some brand of diapers like this and they look so fancy and do not even look like diapers!


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