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Let me start this post by saying that in no way shape or form do I consider myself elegant or "girly -girl" at all.  I laughed and said when I graduated highschool that I would not be seen in a dress until I was getting married (since I was done with dresses from years in chorus.)  Guess what... that statement has been true.  I don't do skirts or dresses....It just isn't my thing.  I have also never been a fan of pink, but the weird thing is about a year and a half ago, I started noticing that I do like splashes of pink here and there...  Not much, but some. 
Now that we are expecting Savannah to be here this summer, I am all about pinks and reds and purples and yellows... I love it all and oh my, she is going to be dressed super cute... Once she is old enough to make her own decisions, I will totally allow it, but while she is little... dresses and pink it is!
We have been very blessed with friends that have given us things for her... from blankets and clothing to her bedding... the other things I have been able to review... and let me tell you, the Burp Necessity burp shawl that I am going to share with you today, well, they make me feel elegant and lady like and I actually love it! 
Have you ever heard of Burp Necessity before? It is NOT just a "burp cloth" it is a "burp shawl"  I am a big girl and this thing keeps me good and covered too!   It is made of beautiful fabric (I picked a pink one... I told you, I am really getting into this pink phase right now... and then a purple one, I figured I could get daddy to wear a purple one if he was thinking about LSU.)   The great thing is that they are reversible.  One side is a patterned print and the other is a solid color. 
They are made to cover more of you, so no more spit up on your shirt as you are walking out the door or already somewhere. 
To be honest with you, I can not believe that we have not seen celebrities with these.. Think of the amount of money they spend on clothes... They surely would want to try and keep them clean.  This would do just the job.  Oh, did I mention that not only can you use this as a burp shawl, you can also use it as a nursing cover!  Yes!!!  Talk about a great two-in-one!!!
Image Credit - Burp Necessity
I honestly can not wait to be able to use this when Savannah gets here!  I know that she and I will both love it and I can bet that people will be asking me where I got this!  
Head on over to check out their site.  They have a great selection of patterns and they send them to you packaged great ready to give as a gift!   I might not be "elegant" or anything, but I sure felt it when I opened this up! 

*** You know me, I love when products are MADE IN THE USA and this one is!  Support them! 

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  1. I girly dressed my daughter when she was little. Now she's a tom boy and rarely wears a dress and never wears pink. ;)

  2. The burp cloth-shawl is so pretty and a great item to have when burping baby. I think the colors and designs look incredible! I would love to get one for my sister to use for my niece!

  3. This sure looks like a nice thing to have. I have always use burp cloths but many of time spit up goes right down the back of your shoulder, this looks like it will keep that from happening.

  4. These are so pretty. My sister still uses her's with Edison. I on the other hand never could use them. My boys were active when they ate. Meaning they didn't just lay there. They also were horrible latchers at the start.


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