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We all know I am all about sharing cool products and companies with you, right?  I think it is so neat to see how things have changed over the years and let me just tell you now... The product I am about to share with you is just too cool to me!  Maybe I have been living under a rock or something, but I am amazed at how things advance! 
So, the latest is a pretty cool product that not only helps prevent MESS, it also takes up very little room and that makes me so very happy! 

Now, we only have Broxton (for just a bit longer) , but I know several of you have more than one child.  Some of you even have several under the age of 5, so listen up!  This is CALLING YOUR NAME!!!  Have you ever been out and about running errands and your little one is thirsty, but no sippy cup is to be found (or an easy to drink cup with a straw for those a little older.)  Not any more!!! 
SipSnap to the rescue!!!

WHAT IS "SIPSNAP" you are asking... Well, hold on to your seats, as you are about to be blown away! 

SipSnap is a product that is here to make life easier... for all of us! 
You can purchase SipSnap in two different forms. 
One - a sippy cup lid
Two - a straw lid
Check out the pictures below and let me try and explain just how awesome this is:  
SipSnap is a silicone lid that you stretch to fit over the cup you need to use.  It fits like a glove, immediately turning your cup into a sippy cup or a cup top for you to stick a straw in.  The picture above shows the sippy cup top before I opened it. 

You just unroll the cup to "open" it up and then you just stretch it over the cup to cover the opening.  This is the sippy cup lid opened and ready to be placed on the cup.   
Here is the Straw Lid already unrolled and placed on a cup that Broxton currently uses.  He doesn't need the lid on it at home, but you better believe there is no way at all he is getting in the car with an opened top drink with no lid.  Not a chance.  Now, he can take his drinks to go and I will be fine with that. 

The coolest thing to me is that they are so compact. They even come with a little travel container so you can throw one in your purse or diaper bag to always have one available when out and about.  They remind me of the size of a retainer case.  Look at that, for the room of 2 "retainer cases" I know have a sippy cup and a cup with a lid packed and ready to go. 

I think this would be absolutely awesome for any vacations you have planned. This would also be great for grandparents that don't want to have sippy cups and lids taking up all the cabinet space, you can just throw a couple of these in the drawer and you are stocked and ready!
From SipSnap:
FeaturesStretches over all cup sizes
Made of high quality LFGB approved food grade silicone
Chew resistant drinking spout
BPA-, Phthalate-, and Latex-free
Gives you more choice over the material your child drinks from
Roll-stop bumper so your tipped cup doesn't go far
Dishwasher safe and boil safe for sterilization
Folds and stacks for compact storage
Environmentally responsible—Use the cups you already own
Comes with a case so you can easily take it along on small and big trips
Great to use at restaurants and parties
SipSnap TOT is spill proof, not leak proof!

You can purchase the TOT set (sippy cup) or the KID set (straw lid) from their site.
Each set comes with 3 lids and 1 carry case.  ( $19.95 on their website)


  1. This is really a genius idea to make any cup a sippy cup by fitting the Sipsnap over the cup. I have found myself so many times not have my sippy cup, and if I had this it would be so much easier. Great product.

  2. I've never seen such a thing. How cool! I love that they have a case.

  3. This is really a great item, that you can pretty much turn any cup into a sippy cup. I like that it's so easy to take them on the go with a carrying case for them.

  4. I remember seeing this somewhere last year... maybe on kickstarter? I remember thinking, how brilliant is that????? We lose like a half a billion sippys a year. I would friggin' love one that fit all of our cups!!


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