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Are you familiar with Argan Oil?  I wasn't until not too long ago, but now that I know about it, I talk about it often and I am in love.  Argan Oil is an oil that I have no fear in putting on my skin (or on my sons skin.) With most lotions /oils the simple thought of putting it anywhere near my face causes my face to start sweating, my skin to break out and for my pores to feel like they are being filled with quicksand.  Broxtons face got super dry not too long ago. It was horrible looking and he was determined he was NOT going to let me put anything on it, until I pulled out the trusty tube of Kesh Argan Oil.  I was able to put it on his face and a few days later that skin was just as perfect as if there had never been a problem.  If you remember, Broxton has eczema, so we have to be careful what we put on his skin.  This was great and with a baby on the way, I am glad to know that we can put this in the diaper bag and not have any issues.  (It has been packed on a few trips and I can happily say that there has been no spillage, even with the help of a 6 year old helping carry the luggage!) 
I love the way my skin feels when I put this on and between you and I, I have been known to rub a little on my hair to try and keep the frizzies contained!  While Broxton uses the PURE Argan Oil, I love to treat myself to the Rose Argan Oil from time to time!
I am adding the information sent to me below so you can see that you just might need a bottle or two to stock up on for your house as well!  (Can't be too careful in the summer with all the time spent outside = drying skin.)     
Moms want to protect their babies and kids from harm—and that includes chemicals, synthetic ingredients and anything that can potentially irritate their delicate skin. Kesh Beauty Pure Argan Oil is a safe solution for wee ones’ dry, itchy, irritated skin because it contains only one ingredient: 100% certified organic argan oil.

For babies with eczema, cradle cap, diaper rash and run-of-the-mill dryness, Kesh Beauty Pure Moroccan Argan Oil hydrates dry skin and soothes irritation thanks to a naturally high concentration of vitamin E, antioxidants and essential fatty acids. These compounds provide anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits while providing long-lasting moisture and keeping skin comfy.

Kesh Beauty Argan Oil comes in handy for the older kids as well, offering relief from itchy insect bites, improving the appearance of scars that from boo-boos past, and even removing temporary tattoos!

Beyond the myriad uses, Kesh Beauty’s innovative bottle lets you take your argan oil to go—without the threat of it spilling in your purse or diaper bag. The leak-proof spray nozzle dispenses the perfect amount every time, and its air-tight seal keeps the oil fresher longer, eliminating the need for artificial preservatives.

Kesh Beauty uses only the highest quality, natural ingredients, and our argan oils are certified 100% organic by the U.S. National Organic Program. Our unique spray dispensers minimize waste by delivering the perfect dose, while preventing contamination so our preservative-free argan oils stay fresher, longer. Imported directly from a cooperative in Southern Morocco, Kesh Beauty’s argan oils are extracted from the fresh kernels of the Argan fruit tree by hand, using the same ancient techniques that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Are you familiar with Argan Oil?
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  1. I simply love argan oil. Yes we use it all the time in our house.

  2. I have heard of argan oil but have never used it. I would love to try it. I like that this is leak proof.

  3. I have used argan oil, and agree with you that it is so soothing to the skin, and does not cause me to have rashes or break outs. I need to get some more because mine ran out. I like this brand!

  4. My skin always broke out after having my babies. It must be from emotions, and chemical changes in the body.


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