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Image Credit - Ciao Baby Facebook 
Did you know that they make high chairs that are perfect for camping??  Yes!!!!
We were recently sent a portable high chair for review and I have to tell you, we all think it is pretty neat.  You don't have to worry about me heading out camping anytime soon, but it is great for travel. Like if we go to visit my family, we can just throw it in the back of the car.  (It is seriously like one of those fold up chairs you throw in the bag to take the the beach or for tailgating.)  Speaking of tailgating, this would be perfect to put your little one in for a tailgating get together or even a family reunion or BBQ.  

Image Credit - Ciao Baby Facebook 
You can purchase a Portable High Chair in a number of patterns.  You can order a solid colored one, such as red or black... You can also order one that has a camo design.  Get this though... They also have collegiate logos available now!   GO DAWGS!!!!

Image Credit - Ciao Baby Facebook
As I said, I really like it.  It was simple to put together,  you literally just pull it out of the bag and open it.  Press the little silver clips on each side down to lock it in place.  The tray is already connected to it.  Oh yeah, they even have a cup holder built into the tray so you don't have to worry about that.  The tray has a clear plastic cover on it to make it easy to wipe off and then store when not in use.  
I will say the one draw back is if you have a bigger child.  The tray is not movable.  It says it is for ages up to three, but I don't think that Broxton could have sat in it at that age.
The seat has an opening to place the child (and it has the strap to snap them in) but the opening isn't that large.
I think it would be great when they are smaller, so hopefully we will get use out of it early on! 

When do you think that this would be great to use?  


  1. I am thrilled to see that there are colorful baby chairs to take while camping. These are great because they fold up and are easy to store in the camper. I think I need to get one of these!

  2. This is fantastic - a portable High Chair. I'm going to let my sister know about this for my niece. This would definitely make her life easier. Thanks for the info.

  3. These portable high chairs are such a neat idea! I like that the tray has a clear plastic cover on it for easy clean up.

  4. oh my I love this!!! It would make a nice gift, too!

  5. During a family reunion would be great in our family. They are always outside for the most part.


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