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If your summer could use a bit of excitement in it, make sure to check out Creativity In a Can .  I had never heard of them, but they are pretty nifty if you ask me.  Creativity in a Can is can full of odds and ends arts and crafts supplies.  You can buy the can based on a theme: Art, Motion, Music or others.  Then you let your creativity build whatever your heart desires! There are no instructions and you are free to explore new and creative ways to reach an end goal.   They make smaller cans that are perfect for individual play.  They also have larger cans that hold more craft supplies.  That would be a great one to sit out at a camp (or party) and it would even make a great gift idea for teachers caregivers to have on hand for fun activities!

Here is more information on the Big Creativity Can:
  • Creativity Can
  • Make Anything Possible” A big can filled with colorful craft materials that stimulate kids to use their imaginations to create whatever they like. The materials, though simple and familiar, are thoughtfully selected to inspire maximum creativity. The only instructions are to have fun and be as creative as you can be. There is no right or wrong way to use the materials. We’ve “tested” the can with hundreds of children and they’ve created amazing, fantastic and unique objects and characters, often with imaginative narratives – each one as unique as the individual who created it. Our goal is that millions of kids will enjoy this experience, share their creations with others and demonstrate the tremendous power and joy of creativity.
  • Research shows that creativity is an essential human trait that requires nurturing to allow it to flourish. Studies show that creativity can be learned or encouraged, but sadly, the Torrance Test for Creative Thinking shows it is on the decline in the USA. Creativity is linked with problem solving, innovation, critical thinking, empathy and greater levels of job satisfaction in adults. When surveyed by IBM, 1500 CEOs ranked Creativity as the #1 leadership trait required for future success. The Big Creativity Can is a great tool for encouraging open-ended creative play.
  • The beauty of “The Can” is that you can use it with a group of kids at a party or event or for everyday activities with just your kids. The lack of structure is a welcome change in today’s fast-pace overly-structured environment and kids will love the easy process and inspiring materials. Put away the coloring books and take out “The Can”!

We have a couple different ones.  They are great to take on vacation (rainy day activity if you are stuck in the hotel.)  Also, I think I might throw one in the "Big Brother Bag" I plan on packing with activities for Broxton to have on hand at the hospital while he waits on his little sister to get here!  Do you have a box or bag of creative ideas for free play with your children?  


  1. Oh, this is such a great inventive idea. The possibilities are endless and the kids could have fun for hours with "The Can."

  2. this will be perfect for summer will certainly love it..

  3. these are wonderful, and I do agree it is important to nurture creativity!

  4. What a really great idea this is. We all know kids get bored over the summer these would help out.

  5. I love these creative cans! This is something Broxton can do, while you're busy with Savannah.

  6. I just found out that Isaak won a ThinkFun challenge. He used a Creativity Can for the challenge. He gets all their new games for 2015 and his choice of a 3D printed thing (I don't know what it is) or a spool of filament - wire that you can build things 3D. I haven't told him that he's won yet. His picture is on their website along with the Creativity Can.


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